I decided to put together a comprehensive guide on how you can get the look of my home office makeover/creative space! I loved this project because it posed a lot of design dilemmas – space being the biggest issue. And yet, we were able to pull off a stylish and functional work area without having to do any major demolition or overhaul. Bonus!
Get The Look | Home Office Makeover1. Modular Desk: This was a must-have for my small office area. I wanted to have options, so I didn’t feel stuck with one look! Especially since I can’t move anywhere horizontally, it was nice to have vertical space to work with. I can move my shelves around and play with the look a little more this way! If you can’t DIY one of your own like we did, then this modular desk is an affordable option! 

2. Fabulous Lighting: Having a wall mounted lamp helps resolve the space issue by not taking up the floor/desk top area in any way, but also adding a playful element to it as well. It’s strategically placed so it’s both useful for my desk area, but also the living room as a whole. Not to mention, having modern lighting really takes the space to another level! 

3. Modern/Comfy Chair: One way to set apart your teeny home office is having a less traditional office chair. Skip the wheels and go for something a little more minimal. This Wired Chair is a great option. Not only does it look light and airy,  it just doesn’t take up any space at all. Worried your bum might get sore? No problem! You can easily buy a leather cushion or throw a sheepskin on there for more comfort.  Surprisingly, it’s comfy all on it’s own! 

4. Black and White and Pops of Pink: Every room design needs a color palette. But when the space is shared, it can be difficult to go off exploring other colors. I stuck with the basic neutrals, in this case, black and white. I also recently added pink to the space to add a feminine and whimsical touch. In a small space, it certainly doesn’t have to be anything big. Vases, plant pots, throws or pillows will do the trick! 

5. Natural Textures: Not only do you want your space to look nice, but it should feel nice too! That’s why textures are so important to the senses! It’s stimulating and and adds great contrast to all those bright shiny surfaces! Go for a patterned rug, cowhide or giant sheepskin for the floor. Oh, and plants of course! 

6.  Bling: Enough said. Am I right? Take for example this amazing clock

7. Minimal Storage: You need something functional to hide all those not-so-pretty things. Like all those endless craft supplies. There’s practically a box for everything these days. A box to hide those computer cords. A box to hide those paint brushes, scissors, and sharpies. And lastly, a desk organizer for those office supplies you bought just so your desk could look pretty. Am I the only one who does that? 

8. Element of Surprise: Add something quirky. Something special. Something unique! It can be art, a sculpture or anything really!  In this case, it’s a dart board turned bulletin board. It’s functional, but  an unexpected piece. It’s bold, graphic and makes a statement! It’s perfect. 

Sure hope that was helpful to you and pointed you in the right direction if you’re thinking of tackling your (space limited) home office/creative space! 

XOXO, Lidy


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