I decided to whip up a festive banner for our home this Thanksgiving. It’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s cute! I had some fun selection of craft paper left over from my paper pumpkin project.  There were all sorts of lovely colors and patterns to choose from!

Simply sketch out the letters for “Give Thanks”. Take some scissors and carefully cut out each letter. Grab some fun twine (mine had some fun streaks of glitter throughout) and tape each letter to the twine. It’s that simple! I added some fun handmade feathers, which I will share the DIY for later this week. I love these kinds of crafts, I can put the kids down for a nap and get it done in a matter of minutes. Then I can catch up on chores around the house afterward! 

You can make your letters as big or as little as you would like. It would be so cute as a banner for your Thanksgiving pie – or even a large scale banner for your front porch or window! This project can be a lot of fun! 

What kind of fun crafts are you whipping up for your home this season? 

XOXO, Lidy

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