I’ve been hearing a lot lately – be yourself – use what you have and go with it. Which, of course, causes me to reflect on things. Am I being myself?

Yes. But…

I have also been having to ask myself what more can I offer? I can do DIYs, share design tips, talk thrifty finds until the cows come home. But that just makes me another dime a dozen. And to me it seems so superficial. Those things don’t teach us anything about life. About struggles and triumphs. It’s just the fluff of life really. My life is SO much more than that. What I need to share should be more personal. 

It’s hard.

It’s wonderful.

It’s scary. 

Why not talk more about adoption. We are in the middle of it, after all. 

Why did we choose to adopt? Is adoption for everyone? Is it hard to adopt? Did we adopt privately or publicly? What’s the process like? Is it difficult? Is it easy? Would you do it again? These are all questions I want to answer, plus more. I truly want that to be a HUGE part of my blog. I want to be an advocate for adoption. I want to share my experiences openly and honestly. I want others to explore the possibilities. To see the beauty in adoption and not be afraid of it.

My life is forever changed. And what a shame it would be if I didn’t share the why’s and how’s of this wild adventure. (* music by my talented husband, Joel)

Follow along. Grow. Learn. Love.

XOXO, Lidy 

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