So, Thanksgiving is officially behind us and I think it’s safe to say we can now jump head first into Christmas! My house is already pretty much primped and prepped. I’m just working on some of the finer details in each room, like this fun hanging enchanted mushroom forest! It ties in nicely with my moss wreath too!

Hanging Enchanted Mushroom Forest

What you will need:

Faux mushrooms (various sizes)

Confetti (I used some fun shimmery-snowy-like confetti)


Mod Podge 

Paint Brush

Pretty dish/container (I used an antique silver bowl) 

Hot glue gun

Yarn so you can make this

Hanging Enchanted Mushroom Forest

Hanging Enchanted Mushroom Forest

1. First start by putting a nice layer of mod podge on the tops of your mushrooms. Dip the tops into the bag of confetti (or sprinkle on top) 2. Let them dry completely 3. Place hot glue to the bottom of each mushroom stem and place firmly onto dish until it is dry 4. Repeat with the other mushrooms. Finally, finish it off by placing moss onto the bottom of the dish and little bits of confetti to give it that enchanted look! Once you have created the yarn holder, place the container carefully into the center and slowly lift from the top. Make sure it’s perfectly balanced and stable before hanging. Adjust where needed. Then and enjoy! 

Hanging Enchanted Mushroom Forest

When I was done, I placed mine in our breakfast nook . I love how it adds a small amount of sparkle to that space and creates that Christmas flow from one room to the other without being too in-your-face! It’s like a winter wonder land for mushrooms! It’s so playful and whimsical, perfect for the season! 

XOXO, Lidy

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