Heart Shaped Pillow

What would Valentine’s be, if you couldn’t snuggle a pillow with the one you love? Ok, maybe it’s just me! My hubby and I are always fighting over pillows, so I decided to whip up one just for the holiday! 

Heart Shaped Pillow

What you will need:

Black and white fabric (then the pillow can be reversible!)

Fabric pen


Sewing machine and proper supplies

Heart Shaped Pillow

What to do:

1. Gather your supplies 2. With chalk, make a faint line of your heart to use as a guide. Cut out the heart (I actually couldn’t find my good fabric scissors, so make sure you do! It will do a much better job of cutting!). Iron the material as flat as possible. 3. Turn the fabric inside out and begin sewing your heart 4. Leave a small slit so you can turn the material back out so your design is now face outward. Stuff your pillow and hand stitch the opening closed using a simple needle and thread.

Heart Shaped Pillow

This is a fun and festive little DIY! I love the modern feel and the option of having the pattern facing outward (which I drew out with CHALK!) or just the plain white side if you prefer! It’s even something you can keep out year round, since it’s not too overly Valentine’s-ish! I have to admit, it’s not perfect, but that’s perfectly ok! 

Heart Shaped Pillow

What do you think of heart shaped pillow for Valentine’s? 

XOXO, Lidy

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