Hello Lidy on Live Television – Oh My!


So this week I had a couple little DIYs planned, but then a little something came up. Well, it was a big something! I have this amazing friend named Sophie. She’s one of those girls that’s always got your back. She wants to see everyone succeed, cheers you on and is beyond supportive. All while running her successful jewelry business, Tribes and Society. She is something special….you can be sure of that! 

Hello Lidy

On Tuesday night I got an email from her asking if I would be interested in doing an artist workshop that she was suppose to do, but the dates got a little mixed up. I figured it would be a lot like the West Elm event I did last summer, so of course I said yes! Turns out, it was actually a panel on a morning show live on Trending On Shaw…and I freaked! I was excited, but also super scared to be talking on live television. What if I said something totally ridiculous? Which if you know me, I usually do. I was certainly fearful of opening myself up to potential judgement and criticism from others, but was it enough to keep me from this opportunity? Heck no! Instead, I got so much encouragement and positive feedback from friends and family – thanks guys! 

Hello Lidy

So I joined a couple amazing ladies – Bree and Libertee. Such talented gals!  We chatted photography, fashion, design and DIYs! It was heaven and I totally felt in my element. I am hoping that perhaps this could lead to some fun collaborations with these ladies, but also working with Shaw in the near future. Could you imagine?! Ahhh! 

Hello Lidy

(Photo Via Bree Jean Johnson)

Another huge thank you to my dear friend, Sophie, for putting my name out there! To Kate and Pheonix for having me on their fun show and to Bree and Libertee for being so inspiring and sharing their talents! Here is a video of my little chat – don’t judge. I was SO nervous! Needless to say, I won’t be getting to those DIYs until next week, but I’m sure you understand. Happy Friday friends! 

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Sabrina Grant

    Ok…warning…I am going on a mini rant here, but a good one. OMG you were such a natural on tv, Lidy! Your cute, funny, welcoming, and easily relatable personality totally shined. You didn’t seem nervous AT ALL although I am sure you were shaking in your always cute boots. This might sound really stupid, but I totally got emotional and cried a little bit watching this. Why? It wasn’t sad at all (and why the heck am I writing this as a comment on your page? SO silly). It’s because I miss you soooo much and seeing you shine like the star you are on TELEVISION no less made me so proud and so excited for you but stabbed my heart with pain for how much I miss you. You are rocking it, my dear. You are a brilliant designer, writer, speaker, mom, wife, and friend. I would say I am your number one fan, but I think that title belongs to Joel. So I am def your number two fan. I was stoked to see your nail polish marbling too. That’s my fav piece you have made as of late. So, anyways, just wanted to let you know that you did a fabulous job and should probably have a weekly spot on that show from now on :) They would be fools to not ask you back!!! LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!

    • HelloLidy

      Ok Sabrina! First, you are going to make me cry with your insanely sweet words! I appreciate your honestly and openness friend. I miss you so much too. You have such a gift of making people feel like they can do anything! You have always been so encouraging and supportive, which I can’t thank you enough for. Thanks for being such a great friend to me these past few years. I hate that we live so far away now, I would do anything to go out for a girls lunch and shopping day :)

      Secondly, I am relieved that you couldn’t see how nervous I was. I had full on hand prints on that table from my sweaty palms! haha It was so much fun though and I am beyond grateful for that opportunity.

      Love you girl!

  • DearCreatives

    Had to drop by to congratulate you on your TV spot! Lovely job with sharing what you do and your projects. All my best, Theresa

    • HelloLidy

      I am so happy you did! Thank you for taking the time to share that with me, it’s so appreciated!


  • Amy

    Super exciting!! I watched the clip and you DO NOT look nervous at all, you totally rocked it! Way to go.

    • HelloLidy

      Thanks Amy!! I am so thankful I gave off that impression – haha!! I felt like I was out of my body the whole time watching myself make no sense at all. What a relief to hear otherwise 😉


  • Merna Lambert

    Great job Lidy

    • HelloLidy

      Thanks Merna!!



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