Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m on a roller coaster ride. All these sudden changes makes me want to hang on for dear life, close my eyes and scream during the twists and turns. I love these little ones God has trusted me with, but I feel so overwhelmed lately. It’s been 10 days. It’s been wonderful and crazy at the same time.

The thing about adoption is that you feel so disconnected for the first while. Since we are fostering to adopt, there are so many things we can and can’t do right now. It’s hard to feel like they are ours during this time. Instead, it seems like this state of limbo. Like you’re babysitting, not so much parenting. If that makes sense.

I have been blessed with an amazing two year old boy. He has such amazing character. He’s smart, expressive, helpful and so loving. But like so many two year olds, I am trying to figure out how to handle him during the ups and downs. I am trying to teach him right from wrong. I am trying to equip him with good manners and respect. It’s so much easier said than done. When we first got him, he was already such a good boy. I’ve learned so much about him already, but there’s so much I still don’t know. Here’s what I figured out so far:

I feel so lucky when I take a step back to see how much this little man has accomplished so far on his own. I am in awe as to how smart he is. Even though he came from such a rocky foundation, he is learning more and more everyday. He is such a good listener and helps me with so much. It makes it that much easier to handle two new babes.

We also have an adorable one year old girl who is keeping us on our toes. She is beautiful inside and out. Her smile can melt your heart! She too, is an amazing little lady:

Everyday we learn new things that I add to these lists. When I start to feel overwhelmed by my role as a new mother, I just need to step back and realize how lucky I am. I was given these two brilliant babies. They are so sweet, so good. I have an opportunity to invest in their lives. It excites me to realize that adoption gives children a new hope and a better future.

I’ve heard it so many times. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs, but it’s the most rewarding. Indeed, it is.

XOXO, Lidy

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