I first spotted this amazing DIY on Pinterest…of course. I was totally excited and couldn’t wait to get started! My husband and I worked on this together, well, mostly my husband. There is some sawing involved, so be warned!

This is a great project that looks complicated, but is actually extremely simple. You basically need a handful of small items and you are good to go! You can use these shelves in any room, which is what I always look for when making things for my home. Can I use these for multiple spaces and for more than one purpose? The answer is yes! Here is what you will need to get started:

Wooden crate (we bought one from the craft store for $8!)
White paint (or any other color if you would prefer)
Table Saw (you can rent these if you do not own one)
Brackets and nails (you will need 2 brackets per crate)

Take your unpainted crate and make a line in the center to guide where you will be sawing. You want to saw the crate lengthwise, so your shelf is longer rather than short. Very carefully saw your crate into two pieces (I got my husband to use his table saw to ensure it was done well and I didn’t have to injure myself in the process). Once you have your two pieces, sand the crate and clean off all the excess dust. Paint the first layer of paint and let dry. Repeat this step until you have a good coat. Once the crate is completely dry, attach your brackets to the back of the crate according to directions. Once you have the brackets on securely, all you need to do is decide where you would like to hang your crates! Use a drill to fasten into the wall securely!

I love to do fun projects like this for our home! Sure, it would be easier to go out and buy a couple book shelves. But this is much more fun, cheap and rewarding! Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Be sure to let me know what you think!

XOXO, Lidy

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