Alt San Francisco

I am beyond excited!!! This Thursday, I’m headed off to Alt San Francisco! I’m sure to some of you, this may not mean a thing. But for my blog, this is an amazing opportunity! This is my chance to get out from behind my computer screen and connect with all my online blogging and Instagram buddies, make new friends, chat with some of my favorite brands and perhaps establish future collaborations! It’s a chance to get my blog up and running on a larger scale. Well, that’s the hope anyway! 

Alt San Francisco

I’ve been pretty grateful to be where I’m at blogging wise. I’ve worked really hard to get it to this point and now I’m at a plateaux. I need a little something extra to get this thing up and running! Some fuel for the fire! I can’t wait to find that inspiration I’m looking for from the various individuals I may meet along the way. I am going with an open heart and mind, I’m ready!

Alt San Francisco

 Just like any hobby, it takes time and effort. Things don’t happen overnight and I’m sure they don’t happen with one conference. I am just looking forward to being surrounded by like-minded people who all have a passion for  creativity! I am dying to hear all the speakers, some of which I have been a long time fan!!!! I can’t contain myself, I just wish it was more than a day, it’s going to go by so fast!!!! 

Alt San Francisco

So, I may be missing in action for a few days this week. I’m going to be busy getting prepared, informed and slowly digesting it all. I will be sure to share with you all that I learned, so stay tuned! If you are attending Alt SF, shoot me an email ( so we can meet up! I’d love to connect! 

XOXO, Lidy

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