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I’m sure you’ve noticed the huge tropical trend that’s happening all around you in home decor and fashion. I am loving it and I think it’s especially perfect for summer! I shared a little sneak peek of a fun project I was working on a few weeks ago – which I will still share with you soon! Until then, I thought I would share some of my favorite tropical pieces I’ve spotted that inspire me! 

Splitleaf Philondron

I recently picked up a Splitleaf Philondron for our home and I LOVE LOVE it! I love the shape of the leaves and often see a lot of tropical patterns replicating this pretty plant! 


How fun would this Botanical Statement Art piece be for the home?! 


I would totally flaunt this Wallpaper in our house any day! It’s playful and packed full of color. 


Tropical prints in black and white are also pretty amazing – both bold and graphic! This Tropical Tote is lovely.  


I would love to host a tropical dinner party and this ADORABLE Bridal Shower is all the inspiration I need! 

I’m working on some fun tropical-inspired posts, so stay tuned! How do you feel about this trend? 

XOXO, Lidy



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