Living Room Progress | Mid Century Meets Modern

You might recall me sharing pictures of our home before. You can see the potential! Moving to Canada in general was hard as an aspiring designer and stylist. I wasn’t sure if there were going to be a lot of choices when it came to decorating our home or any space for that matter. I really wanted to support Canadian companies and brands, because this is home and it’s important to shop local! Then I discovered something AMAZING! Introducing PlaidFox: my new go-to when designing and dreaming up a space! Have you taken a look at their selection friends?! It’s seriously amazing. Best part is, they are fellow Canadians – I’m so proud!!! I love that they provide trendy furniture and decor pieces that are accessible and affordable! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Naturally, I’ve been dreaming up revamping and reinventing our living room space with gorgeous pieces from PlaidFox and here is what I’m thinking:

Living Room Progress | Mid Century Meets Modern

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The space I’m considering revamping is lacking a bit right now and in need of something a little more. I am hoping to utilize the space in front of the fireplace where we can enjoy warm fires in the winter, but not close it off from the entire living room.

Living Room Essentials with Plaidfox

Here’s what the space could potentially look like with my PlaidFox picks! The space looks so grown up, but still fresh and fun! I love the mid century inspired furniture pieces, pops of gold, pillows with pattern and some texture from the cowhide! What do you think?!

Living Room Progress | Mid Century Meets Modern

There’s just so much goodness to choose from!! I’m feeling pretty excited at all the possibilities for designing rooms in the future. Be sure to follow PlaidFox on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for daily inspiration and design ideas! 

XOXO, Lidy

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