This year, my husband and I have been blessed with an amazing gift: my in-laws have offered to take the whole family to Ireland over Spring break! I have never been to Ireland (let alone Europe) and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!! We leave in 4 days and I am still in shock. I feel so unbelievably blessed! 

We leave this Saturday and have a very long day of traveling ahead. We fly to New York and stay one night (which is an amazing trip in itself!). Then Sunday morning we fly out to Dublin and begin our adventures! The next 7 days will be lots of sightseeing, exploring castles, taking in the landscape, trying new food, doing some shopping, hopefully find some fantastic flea markets and SO much more! I plan on blogging while I’m there, if at all possible.  You can expect a lot of pictures and updates! 

As a small token of our appreciation, I designed this simple art print for my in-laws. It’s simply an image of Ireland with a heart, to symbolize our time there as a family and the memories we will make. We also have a matching one and hope to have it on our wall before we leave. I also have plans for another art piece from our trip, which I will share with you later as well! I’ve seen a lot of prints similiar to this on Etsy and Pinterest, but I wanted to create it myself so it could be a bit more personal. Plus, it’s what I do and I love it! 

Do you have any fun plans during Spring break? Have you ever been to Ireland or Europe before?! I would love to hear about your travels! 

XOXO, Lidy


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