Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

Every year around Halloween, I try to put a modern twist in my holiday decor. I’m not the kind of person that goes all out and with little kids, the less spooky the better! I’ve taken some faux pumpkins and given them a modern makeover, plus I’ll show you three simple ways to decorate your home in a less spooky and more trendy way! 

Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

First, I simply sprayed painted my pumpkins a nice grey, as well as put a little ombre touch on one of them to add a bit more variation. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do. If you are unsure how to decorate your home, no worries! It can be less overwhelming if you think of making little vignettes around your space, rather than trying to work on everything as a whole. 

Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

1.) Simple | Modern

Keep it to the bare minimum by using your pumpkins as the star of the show, while adding a piece of modern decor. I love how this black Dala horse works great in this vignette. It makes the overall look feel very modern and you really didn’t have to do a whole lot. Less is more, right?

Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

2.) Simple | Spooky

Like I said, I’m not huge on spooky. But this white ceramic skull still feels trendy enough that it steers away from the overly scariness of the idea of a skull. Add a candle for a more welcoming touch!. Plus, if it’s scented with those delicious fall flavors it’s a win-win! 

Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

3.) Modern | Spooky

This last one is kind of taking everything and making it one big masterpiece! I’ve taken my spooky pieces and added those modern twists. Keeping the colors simple (I stuck with black, white and grey) can really help the overall look feel more cohesive and flow better. I love the pops of my regular home decor in the mix, which kind of works for this season. Is that sad? I just love my black porcelain hand, it had to make an appearance. 

Modern Pumpkins Three Ways

These are really simple ways to decorate your home and I hope you found it helpful if this isn’t your sort of thing! Thanks for stopping by friends – happy decorating! 

XOXO, Lidy

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