More baby talk

More baby talk

So, tonight was our second meeting at the adoption agency. Even though it’s only been our second time going, I feel like I’ve known these people a lot longer. The employees are AMAZING and the people you meet are wonderful! 

I do have to say that this process is a long one and it is far from easy. I decided that these next few weeks/months are equivalent to pregnancy changes. In a way, I am slowly growing each week. Learning new things about myself and gearing up for what’s to come. I need to go for check ups and a WHOLE lot more than just a few doctors visits. Every facet of our life has to be thoroughly checked, but it’s all worth it. SO worth it.  I have my ups and downs….I’m an emotional woman, I’m not gonna lie. Here’s the kicker: I’m already drooling over baby stuff! I’m holding myself back from wanting to buy every cute thing I see. I’m dying to find out what we are having, but can’t. I mean, it’s just not possible (in the future, I WILL be the impatient pregnant woman that says YES when the doctor asks if we want to know the sex. End of discussion, I am THAT curious and need to plan these things out). 

On a more serious note, I’ve learned a lot so far. My eyes have been opened to the pain some of these poor kids experience at such an early age. Even though my husband and I are adopting an infant, I can’t help but feel my heart ache as I hear gut wrenching stories of some of these foster children. Stories of abandonment, physical/emotional/verbal abuse, neglect and so many others. It takes strong and courageous families to bring these kids in and love on them. To teach them what family really means and what love really looks like. I could go on and on, but I won’t. If anything, I am learning how I can be a caring mother, my husband is learning how to be a sincere father and to even extend love to his students (did I mention he is a fourth grade teacher?). We are developing more compassion and grace to whoever is searching for it. 

Oh yes, I went for a lovely breakfast with my sister-in-law last weekend. She gave us our first “congratulations, you’re going to be parents” card, a gift card to Target (BABY SHOPPING!!!!) and a book that brought tears to my eyes. I mean, I read it 10 times by myself and cried. It was that sweet. I feel so much love from our families and friends. This is one of the most amazing decisions my husband and I have made yet. I cannot wait for what is yet to come! 


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  • My dearest Lidy-
    I love reading these posts. Keep up the good work my friend and most importantly continue to put your faith and a whole lot of patience in the BIG guy upstairs! I’m beyond excited for the two of you and the courage you have in this journey!

  • Wow, so neat to hear all of this. My husband and I have discussed adoption (even way before we were married) and feel like we are a bit called to go through this ourselves. I’ll definitely be checking back to hear how this amazing process is going, and be praying for smooth logistics and a happy ending!

    Nook & Sea

    • Honestly, adoption is such an amazing experience. It’s so neat to hear how different people feel called to do this, it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes a strong marriage and household to want to pursue adoption, so it’s great to hear you feel that calling. I know we fought it for a bit thinking that maybe we were doing it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, you just can’t hide from what God is telling you to do. It’s been amazing so far, so I will be sure to keep you in the loop! We appreciate your prayers more than you know, so thank you so much.



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