Canadian TreatsCanada Day is just around the corner and I’ve put together a few of my favorite Canadian treats! I lived in Canada my entire life, but moved to California 6 years ago. We are planning on moving back really soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these goodies! 

1. I use to walk up the street to the nearest gas station form the home I grew up in. They would have selections of the BEST 5 cent candies. I would fill a little plastic bag with all my favorites, one of them being these amazing Blue Whales!

2. While I was going to college, I use to work at a yummy coffee franchise called the Second Cup. Long after I worked there, it became my go to coffee place! My favorite drink was the Vanilla Bean Latte! Yum!! 

3. I’m sure I’ve talked about Tim Hortons before, because it’s so classically Canadian! I love buying a pack of Timbits, which are the most amazing donut holes! My favorites are the Honey Cruller and Old Fashioned Glaze. My mouth waters just thinking about it, especially paired with a great cup of Timmy’s coffee! 

4. I will always remember during high school, a bunch of us would walk to the nearest Mac’s store during break for a delicious slushie! The slushes in Canada are so much better, I find. They are more dense and less airy. They are packed full of flavor too – my favorite was Barq’s Root Beer

5. I can’t get through a movie without a pack of Smarties! In Canada, Smarties aren’t the hard candy rolls. They are delicious candy coated milk chocolate! They are also my dad’s favorite, perhaps that’s where I learned to love them so much! 

6. Lastly, a classic dish of delight: the Canadian poutine! My favorite is from New York Fries, which my husband and I always try to grab while we are up visiting! I’ve made it before for our American friends – some loved it, while others thought it was a little weird. Personally, I could eat a poutine at least once a week! 

So there is my round up of my favorite treats from home! Can’t wait to get a fix real soon! Have you ever tried any of these goodies before? 

XOXO, Lidy

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