It’s not a secret that my husband and I are expecting a baby any day now (we are adopting). My sister-in-law is also expecting a bundle of joy, she’s due this fall. It’s so fun to have all these babies in the family, so I am always looking for new and fun nursery design ideas to share!

I decided to make a nature inspired nursery design, using two main elements: trees and birds. I think it’s  a great theme for a little girl! You don’t have to get too matching, but some touches here and there would be the perfect balance. I chose the color palette of grey, peach and yellow. Grey being your base color to work with and the peach and grey being the bursts of color so the nursery isn’t too flat. You could go with more greys and yellows or greys and peaches, depending on what you prefer. You can incorporate all sorts of fun things in the nursery using textures, like touches of knitted blankets or pillows!

Don’t be afraid to make your nursery something out of the ordinary. I think a lot of times you see the perfectly matched baby sets, which is nice in it’s own way. Don’t worry about thinking outside of the box! It may not be all pink and flowery, but it’s what you make it that really counts. I always suggest finding one item that you feel inspired by and base your design inspiration on that: a book you love, a picture, a blanket, a vintage doll, a crib, a patch work pillow! There are so many cute things out there for the nursery, the possibilites are endless! The bottom line is, if you’re happy with your design choice then that’s all that matters! If all else fails and you’re ever in need of some inspiration, do lots of reserach! There are all sorts of ideas circulating the web! 

Hope you liked this post, if there are other rooms in your home that you are wondering about, feel free to ask me anything you would like! I would love to help where I can!

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XOXO, Lidy

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