Since we are going to be going through some major life changes any day now, I decided I would start sharing more with my lovely readers! I know it may not be the most exciting thing, but “babies” have been something my husband and I have wanted for a couple years now. Well, we are finally going to be parents! Our adoption process is offically complete and now we are waiting for that special phone call!!

I decided I would start with our nursery makeover, beginning with the crib! Might I suggest the amazing Oeuf Classic Crib? My husband and I were fortunate enough to be blessed with this gift from my generous parents! We spotted it at a boutique for 50% off, which is amazing! We are always looking for a thrifty purchase and even though it wasn’t the cheapest crib, it was still an amazing price for it’s type! We snatched it up right away! I really wanted my nursery to have a modern-vintage mix. Not too much of one or the other. I knew this crib would be perfect for keeping that balance, since it looked so sleek and modern already. So far, it’s been nothing but perfect! It goes with EVERYTHING and I’ve been very please with our choice! Thanks mom and dad! 

I love the combination of white and walnut. It’s eye catching, especially with all the vintage touches I have planned for the nursery! Plus, our baby bedding is going to be a little more colorful and vibrant, so I don’t want the crib to get lost in all the mix. It seems to stand out even with all decor it is surrounded by! What I especially appreciated, was how easy it was to set up. Much like Ikea furniture, but dare I say even more simple. It was a special moment for the both of us: putting our first piece of baby furniture together! 

This is a great crib for any gender. The frame is nice and straight, not too ornate or curvy. I often get the same response from people when they see it for the first time, “It’s very you”. Yes, I take it as a compliment. I knew that we didn’t want the nursery to be an entirely different entity compared to the rest of our home. I want all the rooms to blend together and make sense as a whole, yet stand out individually on their own. I can’t wait to share with you all the different stages of our makeover over the next few weeks! Besides, you might already have noticed the mess in the background and the vibrant yellow walls. That is all gone, thank goodness! You will just have to wait and see what we’ve done! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Any parents out there in search of a new crib? What are you looking for? Maybe you aren’t a parent right now, but one day you will be. It’s never too early to dream up your fantasy nursery design! Heck, I’ve been doing it for years! 

XOXO, Lidy

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