I mentioned earlier how my husband was very handy and made some amazing Christmas puzzles, but I didn’t mention how he also made some really cute owls as well. They made great gifts this year! 

My hubby printed off some fun designs he found online and used them as guides for creating these puzzles. I think they turned out fabulous – they are all so unique. If you like how they turned out, feel free to check them out on my Etsy shop. You can also make special orders if you would like a specific animal instead of an owl. 

We gave these sweet owls to all the little girls in our family under two years (our little one and her two cousins). They loved taking the owls apart and trying to figure out how to put it together again. They might be too young still, but it’s one of those things that they can hold on to for a while. They even look cute just placed on the shelf.

I am in the process of getting my husband to make a few more for our kiddos. They are so cute and I love the natural-stained wood look. It feels very authentic and original. 

What do you think of these fun handmade wooden puzzles? 

XOXO, Lidy

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