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Blogiday So, I am taking a little holiday over the Thanksgiving week. I am North bound where I will soon be surrounded by freezing temperatures and lots of snow. I don’t mind, it only comes once a year. I will do my best to post while I am away, but you know how it is with family. You have to enjoy every minute while you’re with them, so some things might have to wait. While I’m at it, I will share how grateful I am to all of you who are out there and find yourselves following my blog and reading about my little life adventures. It means a lot to have people feel moved and inspired by the things I find great joy in. I’ve always said this blog was originally a journal about the things that inspire me and move me toward my dreams, so that will never change. Even if I talk to myself everyday (which I know I have at least a handful of wonderful people that read the things I’m up to), it’s still worth every post, project, craft, thrift find, discovery and ultimately an adventurous life. If you find yourself blog hopping and you stumble on on me and like what you see, here are just a couple things you could do! Don’t worry, it just takes a couple minutes. ::1:: Sign up with Blogger.com and click “Follow”, which is located at the bottom of my page. This will allow me to see that you are there watching, reading, following, boggling and sharing in my crazy blog-life. You can also find me on facebook, which... read more

Pinup Wreath I am slowly starting to put small projects together for Christmas. I came across a wonderful idea the other day and thought I would share it with all of you. I’m sure we all get tons of Christmas cards from friends and family, but where do you put them all? I use to display them on the shelf for all to see, but it took up so much room and didn’t look so good with the rest of my home decor. I love the idea of a holiday-card wreath. You can decorate your wall or door with this super easy project! And once again, like most of my crafts, it’s super cheap!  ::You’ll need:: About 14-inch-diameter embroidery hoop clothespins Ribbon Christmas cards ::Here’s how:: Clip clothespins and cards to embroidery hoop (you can use wood glue to secure clothespins to hoop, but it’s not necessary) Alternate clothespins to point both inward and outward and space them about 1 1/2 inches apart Suspend from a ribbon and display you cards as you receive them! Told ya, it’s that easy! As you can see, I haven’t collected too many cards as of yet, but I hope to have it full by Christmas! Hope you try this craft out, let me know if you find this helpful! ... read more

Golden pastry envelopes with an appetizing combination of cranberry and apple filling The other night we had some friends come over for an early Thanksgiving dinner. We all pitched in to make a wonderful feast: lemon rosemary chicken, corn, cheesy mashed potatoes, mushroom and garlic bean casserole, fresh rolls, and sparkling apple cider. It was more than enough, let’s just say. The desserts were also amazing, which is why I would like to share one of the recipes. It was the perfect size to sip along side a cup of tea or coffee. If you are in a hurry this season and want to make something quick then this recipe is for you. It still even looks like you put a lot of effort into it!  ::Ingredients:: Pie crust Any filling of your choice (jam, pie filling, a homemade filling) 1 egg ::Directions:: Preheat oven to 450 degrees Cut pie crust into decent sized circles Put a dollop of filling into the center of the pie crust Fold sides up until just a little bit of the top remains open Beat one egg and brush egg on the top surface of the pie crust Place on baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes or until crust is a golden brown We enjoyed this wonderful dessert with a simple cup of coffee, since we were still so full from our dinner. Although, this dessert would taste delicious with a bit of whip cream or vanilla bean ice cream on the side! Enjoy!... read more

Spray Paint and Water Technique My husband and I love to experiment with paint techniques and I especially love this one. Each item appears unique and you never know how it’s going to turn out exactly. Which is daring, but fun! Recently, my husband went on a hunt for some finds and came back with 2 glass owls and a few other items as well. We wanted to try this technique on the owls to see what it would turn out like and the result was beautiful. We wanted something you could display as Christmas decor, but with a modern twist. This way you could also keep it on display once the holidays are over. Here are simple instructions to a beautiful project waiting to happen!  Midnight Owls You’ll need: ::1:: A glass item of your choosing that you want to spray paint ::2:: Spray paint of your color preference (Gold metallic, silver metallic, brown and light blue also look great….we chose silver and black) ::3::Spray bottle filled with water Here’s How ::1:: Cover entire glass object with black paint (or other color of your choosing)  ::2:: When the black paint is dry, spray the glass object with water and then immediately apply the silver spray paint (or other color of your choosing).  ::3:: Repeat steps 1 and 2 with opposite colors (or completely different colors). The result  This is a great project to experiment with! Feel free to comment me if you give this a try, I’d be happy to hear all about it! ... read more

Oh, hello November I know, it’s a bit late. I’ve been so busy I forgot to share my latest desktop calendar with you! Call me crazy, but I really look forward to this part of the month. For November, I picked a rather interesting calendar. Have you ever heard of No Shave Month? It’s usually celebrated in Canada and USA, but in countries like Australia and New Zealand it’s a bit more interesting. They celebrate what’s called Movember…..the official mustache month which was created in order to spread awareness of cancers that affect men. I like this for two reasons. First, although I cannot grow out a mustache, I can at least grow out my leg hair and not worry about shaving for a few weeks. And of course, support this month in some small way. Poor husband. Oh, well…ok, totally kidding. Secondly, everything is funnier with a mustache. There you have it….hope you enjoyed today’s post and this months calendar!  November….or should I say, Everything is funnier with a mustache Threadless.com Here are a few other calendars I also took a liking too! ... read more

Threading I thought I would just share my strange experience today. I went out with a good friend to do some shopping therapy and came across a salon that offered “Threading”. I always wondered how it worked and heard a lot of really good things about it. I have to say that I am very protective of my eyebrows, but found that all the women leaving the salon still had theirs intact (which is a good sign for me). My friend insisted I try getting my eyebrows done for fun to see what it was like. Of course, I am always curious of new things so I agreed. What I discovered was a new art form, really. I could not believe what these girls could do with a few pieces of thread. I still stand in amazement. Threading is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India. It is becoming more and more popular in the West. A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso. It lifts the hair right out of the follicle quickly and concisely. I wish I could tell you it’s pain free, but I left the salon with tears streaming down my face. However, it was very quick and affordable. It was a lovely experience and the ladies did a wonderful job. I think I will visit them again sometime soon! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your neat experiences you may have had with other ancient methods or maybe your experience with Threading!... read more

Our first Christmas card. Ever. After three years of marriage, we decided it would be best to send out a Christmas card. Some people are so good at getting them done every year for every holiday. We are always the ones being showered with cards from others. So, this year we thought we would show our friends and family just how much we love them and think of them during the Christmas season.  Thanks to Shutterfly, it was super easy and we had a lot of fun doing our little photo shoot! ... read more

5 Months It’s been a while since I last posted pictures of my dear friend Kyla and her little Bean. I’m a little late, since my lovely Kyla is now 6 months….needless to say, you will be seeing the 6 Months post soon During all this time, Kyla and her husband Grant have discovered their little Bean is a boy! They decided on naming him David Statler Neumann. Here is our 5 Month journal entry!... read more

Christmas Wreath With Christmas just around the corner, I’m noticing stores bringing in decorations, playing holiday music and already spreading the cheer. I’m a sucker for all things Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday by far! I love the family gatherings, baking, cooking, decorating, music, shopping, wrapping, giving, driving around looking at lights and anything else that comes with this time of year. Even the snow (unfortunately, I don’t see a whole lot of it these days). I’m the annoying one that wants to pull the tree out as soon as it’s November and start playing Christmas music morning, noon and night. So, I decided to spare my husband with the pre-Christmas drama and just stick to the malls and department stores to get my fix. Until December, of course. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for possible presents and festive home decor. I saw lovely wreaths at one of the stores and nearly fell flat on my face when I saw how much they were selling for. It was just a fake wreath with delicate beading and a few other things for $70. So, it occurred to me that another crafty project was soon to commence. I went straight to the craft store and bought a few items to create my own, unique wreath. It didn’t have to cost me $70, but rather $8. I think that’s something worth getting cheerful about. I wanted my wreath to be obviously handmade and not so perfect or Martha Stewart inspired. Not to say that I don’t think there are some AMAZING wreaths out there, cause there are (and our next craft... read more
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