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I was daydreaming a little today. Mostly about places I would like to see, things I would like to do, projects I would like to start and hopefully complete. I guess for some people, it’s easy to say “been there, done that”. I know countless people that have travelled all around the world, have done so much with their life and do some of the most creative things. For me, I’m not too sure if it’s just a wish list for now….or maybe a to do list….or maybe even a never-will-do list. At least, I can dream for now and hope that I can put little check marks beside each one of these one day. I will be happy if it’s even just one.   ::One:: Travel, especially Europe ::Two:: Find a treasure at a flew market ::Three:: Be a mother ::Four:: Find old furniture to fix and resell ::Five:: Open a cute shop of some sort ::Six:: Invest in more camera equipment  ::Seven:: Move closer to family ::Eight:: Have tea with my Oma’s more often ::Nine:: Not say a negative thing for a month ::Ten:: Eat a peanut butter spoon once a week ::Eleven:: Dance again ::Twelve:: Stop worrying ::Thirteen:: Be a better cook/baker/dress maker ::Fourteen:: Pick up my guitar at least once a month ::Fifteen:: Be a faithful friend, wife, daughter ::Sixteen:: Have a Llama who lives in a field where we can play ::Seventeen:: Be a decorator and creative artist of anything ::Eighteen::  Say I love you more often to people I love ::Nineteen:: Be more motivated to clean, organize, and sham-wow my home  ::Twenty:: Be... read more

Seriously…… Can I just say that I hate how some people are so crafty! I was browsing some more blogs today….more to add on to my list of inspiration. I need to figure out how to do some of this amazing stuff! Oh, where is the time and energy to do it all!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy, because I sure did…. I love this blog….dottie angel……she is all about finding and transforming vintage pieces!  Love this designer…..Tif Fussel….she is all about bohemian charm Just a couple more to add…... read more

Chicks….soon to be chickens It’s been a week now, since we first got our little chicks. It was all my husbands doing. He has been talking about getting chickens for a while now. I’ve been trying to change the subject or just give him the old, “Yes, dear….over my dead body”, kind of response. Well, I guess my message wasn’t getting out strong enough. Considering that I now have two chicks named Bobby and Lance in my backyard. I won’t lie; they are cute, fuzzy, adorable and vulnerable. I’ve always liked vulnerable things. The only thing is, I don’t know the first thing about chickens. Only the bad things. Like they carry all sorts of diseases and the bird flu. So, I make sure to wash my hands every time I’m done holding one and try to make the best mother chicken sound I can so they know I’m the boss. My husband is totally into this whole thing. He built a chicken coop all for under $10. It’s pretty cool looking, I’ll give him that. He is already talking about going out there everyday to collect the eggs and is reading books on all things chickens. I wonder if we’re ready for this. We aren’t even sure if one of the chicks is a she yet. We seem to think its a he, considering the slight growth it has on its beak. I guess it’s a sign it is going to be a rooster. I will put my foot down for that one: I don’t want to be waking up every day to some cocker-doodle-doo punk outside my... read more

Learning to sew… I will never forget the first time I learned to sew. I was in 7th grade taking a Home Economics class. My project was a pair of boxer shorts with yellow happy faces on them. I guess I figured that would be the easiest thing to do. I remember having no clue what I was doing and thought I was paying attention in class. Guess not. For some reason, I was in a hurry and I pressed hard on the pedal and figured it needed a good push. Let me tell you, I was forever changed. It had a lot more power than I thought and got those boxers sewn up in no time. Over the years I kept my distance from sewing machines. I was afraid of sewing my finger or maybe it just wasn’t my thing. Then, the first year I was married my husband asked me what was something I might like to have for Christmas. I thought about it for days and seeing I had no ideas I blurted the words “Sewing Machine”. What was I thinking? This was going to cause all sorts of expectations: from myself and him. Well, I got my sewing machine for Christmas that year. The box was sure pretty and the sewing machine so clean, crisp and white. It looked good on the table in the guest room. It made me feel a bit more domesticated. When friends or family came over it was something I could use to my advantage, “Hey, check out my sewing machine….it’s awesome”. Of course, this was in hopes they might... read more

The thing about procrastinating Another morning, with another million things I know I have to do. It seems the more you have to do, the more you put things off. As I try to grow into this new role as a photographer, I realize how organized you have to be. I have to set goals and actually stick to them. Otherwise, I find myself living day to day, rushing to meet deadlines and not really achieving what I set out to do. That’s when suddenly I realize I’m not taking my photography serious and I’m just treating it like any other job: doing it just to get paid. I’m starting to get that sinking feeling of procrastination. I have to remind myself that I love what I do. Because the truth is, I do. I love making people feel happy when they see the final results of what I captured. I love to look back and see my progress….whether it got bad to worse or better. I love to get out there and take the opportunity to capture whatever it is that I feel moved by. Whether it’s our mix-matched fence in the backyard, a quiet street downtown, or birds at flight. It’s my passion and I shouldn’t feel it slowing down, rather speeding up. The end result…I always feel satisfied! Here are a few shoots I have done this month in May. The beautiful wedding of Gavin and Sarah Bell, senior portrait of Tanner and precious baby Lily!... read more

Oh, how I miss…. I know it is so late….almost midnight. I should be asleep, dreaming, resting, and on my way to tomorrow. Yet, here I am with one thing on my mind. Tim Hortons…..oh, you use to be my guilty pleasure. Two or three of you use to put energy back into my routine, the spring in my step, the smile on my face, the boost in my job performance, that extra hour to keep me awake while at school or watching a movie. Lately, I have lived off of other caffeinated beverages from Starbucks or local coffee shops. I don’t really remember what I’m missing until I find myself at Timmy’s, sipping on that delicious liquid. Then I realize I have been missing out. If only I could carry handfuls after handfuls of you over the border with me. If only you could last months at a time in my system. Because at midnight, the only two words that I am able to think of is my dearly missed, guilty pleasure: Double Double. ... read more

California Life Some of my favorite things to do:  road trips, being near the ocean, discovering cute antique and vintage stores, finding a cool place to eat. It seems in California, there are so many awesome small surf towns full of whole-in-the-wall restaurants and thrift stores. One of the places my husband and I seem to visit often is Ventura, California. There is a street that you can walk down FULL of vintage stores, tons of coffee shops, old school movie theaters, and tons of places to grab a bite to eat. It’s the perfect kind of date. Jump in the car, drive through vineyards, hills, and make our way to the ocean. We park our car and walk street after street. Popping in to each store, drooling over finds, grabbing a coffee or two along the way and eating some of the best fish tacos you will ever try! Not to mention the fresh ocean breeze and perfect weather! I keep photo journals of a lot of places we go. This is just one of them.                                                                             ... read more
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