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Dote Magazine | The Great Mantlescape

Back in November, I mentioned how I was going to be writing a new design column for Dote Magazine! My column would be focused on fixing a design problem that plagued many different types of homes and introduce simple solutions. Four months later and Issue Two has finally launched! Here was what I was working on: When a city like Calgary is growing at an exponential rate, buying a home can be daunting. You throw all your expectations out the window and rely solely on necessity and reality. Which often means moving into a “cookie-cutter” home.  Those awkward spaces above the fireplace for one, which most often collects a lot of “stuff”, making the overall space feel a bit cluttered. Perhaps the builders envisioned your standard television to go there, but not all of us want our T.V.’s to be the focal point in our family rooms.  We came up with a simple solution that truly gave the space a new and fresh look! We closed off the opening above the fireplace and created a wall made of slat wood. By painting it white, this allowed the area to flow a lot better! The slats brought a great texture by breaking up the flatness of the walls that surrounded the fireplace. We also painted the mantle to help pull the fireplace together and making it look as one solid piece. The space certainly feels a lot more modern and minimal. Best part is, there’s a new mantle to style and decorate now – gone are the days of clutter!  Now that we have the fireplace makeover out of the way, let’s talk... read more

Watercolor Logo As Art

As I am slowly getting use to my little home office/creative space, I wanted to add something personal to my little corner! I decided to recreate my watercolor logo and use it as art!  I simply referred to my blog logo and began with creating a nice watercolor backdrop. I am just starting to explore watercolor and it is so fun! Once it had dried, I used a pencil to sketch out the rest of the logo. When it looked about right, I retraced it with a Sharpie. Then I framed it, hung it and bam – done!  It’s that perfect addition to my work space that reminds me to keep working hard for my little blog. To keep focused and do what I love. And to not get discouraged, but remember all the little successes along the way – no matter how big or small.  How do you feel about framing your logo as art? And as a positive reminder for why you do what you love!  XOXO, Lidy... read more

Hello Lidy on Live Television – Oh My!

So this week I had a couple little DIYs planned, but then a little something came up. Well, it was a big something! I have this amazing friend named Sophie. She’s one of those girls that’s always got your back. She wants to see everyone succeed, cheers you on and is beyond supportive. All while running her successful jewelry business, Tribes and Society. She is something special….you can be sure of that!  On Tuesday night I got an email from her asking if I would be interested in doing an artist workshop that she was suppose to do, but the dates got a little mixed up. I figured it would be a lot like the West Elm event I did last summer, so of course I said yes! Turns out, it was actually a panel on a morning show live on Trending On Shaw…and I freaked! I was excited, but also super scared to be talking on live television. What if I said something totally ridiculous? Which if you know me, I usually do. I was certainly fearful of opening myself up to potential judgement and criticism from others, but was it enough to keep me from this opportunity? Heck no! Instead, I got so much encouragement and positive feedback from friends and family – thanks guys!  So I joined a couple amazing ladies – Bree and Libertee. Such talented gals!  We chatted photography, fashion, design and DIYs! It was heaven and I totally felt in my element. I am hoping that perhaps this could lead to some fun collaborations with these ladies, but also working with Shaw in the near... read more

How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room

I’m thrilled to finally share with you a scandinavian-inspired living room makeover I did with The Land of Nod! About a month ago, I decided it was time to give our upstairs living room a bit of personality. Our main aim was to create a modern, simple and functional space. Here’s what we did to the space: 1. Repainted the green walls a fresh and crisp white. 2. Built a faux mantle to break up the stone fireplace. 3. Took down the beige drapery and added white curtains to go with the flow of the walls.  4. Added a built-in desk to utilize the functionality of the space. 5. Added black, white, grey and pink accents thanks to The Land of Nod’s gorgeous spring pieces! Be sure to head over to Honest to Nod for the full reveal! It would mean the world if you came back to leave a comment letting me know what you think about the whole transformation! XOXO,... read more

Get The Look | Home Office Makeover

I decided to put together a comprehensive guide on how you can get the look of my home office makeover/creative space! I loved this project because it posed a lot of design dilemmas – space being the biggest issue. And yet, we were able to pull off a stylish and functional work area without having to do any major demolition or overhaul. Bonus! 1. Modular Desk: This was a must-have for my small office area. I wanted to have options, so I didn’t feel stuck with one look! Especially since I can’t move anywhere horizontally, it was nice to have vertical space to work with. I can move my shelves around and play with the look a little more this way! If you can’t DIY one of your own like we did, then this modular desk is an affordable option!  2. Fabulous Lighting: Having a wall mounted lamp helps resolve the space issue by not taking up the floor/desk top area in any way, but also adding a playful element to it as well. It’s strategically placed so it’s both useful for my desk area, but also the living room as a whole. Not to mention, having modern lighting really takes the space to another level!  3. Modern/Comfy Chair: One way to set apart your teeny home office is having a less traditional office chair. Skip the wheels and go for something a little more minimal. This Wired Chair is a great option. Not only does it look light and airy,  it just doesn’t take up any space at all. Worried your bum might get sore? No problem! You can easily buy a... read more

Friday Finds | Diagonal Painted Walls

I’m still itching to do a fun painting project somewhere in the house! We almost did a diagonal painted wall in our master bedroom, but decided it wasn’t the right space for that. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to use as inspiration. Still trying to figure out where to do it – kids rooms? Basement living room? Foyer? Any ideas?!  1 2 3 4 5 Are you working on any fun design projects in your home? I feel like we have so many things going on, it can be a little overwhelming. Which is why we decided to take it slow for just a bit, rest up and then start getting the rest done!  XOXO,... read more

Marbling Using Nail Polish

I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to marble something for a looooooong time! I’ve looked at all the different techniques, but the one that caught my attention was this Marbling Using Nail Polish DIY, which inspired this project.  So naturally, I gave it a try. Yep, it’s pretty safe to say that I instantly fell in love with how easy it was and how beautiful the results were.  All you will need is a container that’s big enough to submerge your entire object, nail polish and water. Right off the bat I am going to warn you that using old nail polish that you might have kicking around from who knows when will NOT work. I tried it all. It gives you clumpy results, rather than that nice smooth finish you’re looking for. I used nail polish that was fairly new, it doesn’t have to be expensive by any means! Don’t be afraid to practice until you feel comfortable with your technique. I failed the first few times, but finally got it right on my final two projects. For decor, I simply used an As-Is candle holder form IKEA that we got for $2.50 and an old ceramic trophy I found at Target a couple years ago.  Fill your container with water and drop your nail polish into the water in whatever pattern you desire. I did little swirls, but you can do anything! You may choose to swirl the polish once it’s in the water with a skewer, but I let the polish take on it’s natural form. Don’t wait too long, within a few seconds you should be dipping... read more

Sneak Peek: Violet’s Accent Wall

I’ve been loving Pastels and Polka Dots lately! I can’t decide which one I love more than the other, so I thought I would combine the two for a fun accent wall in Violet’s room. Since we’ve moved in, we hadn’t really done a whole lot to her room yet. It was a nice blank slate, so it  didn’t feel urgent. Now that things are slowing down a bit, I had a chance to start working on her room with a lot more thought and a whole lot of inspiration!  I love the idea of minimal design in kids spaces. I didn’t want her room to be too loud, but rather calming. I decided to create a wall that had a clean and simple design that added a girly and whimsical touch!  I’ve been inspired by all those amazing paint ideas out there. I decided to go with a fun house silhouette to frame her bed. I thought painting the whole room pink was a little cliche for a girls room, so I opted for a pop of pink instead.  I went with a very soft/pale hue, but thought the wall needed a little something extra!  I decided to make some more Mini Vinyl Heart Wall Decals for her wall and placed them in a random pattern. I love how it adds some nice texture to the space, but still holding true to that minimal feel. I added some house shelving to balance out the painted house silhouette and some stars to create the illusion of a sky above her bed (both are fun night lights!).  This is just a little sneak peek, how do... read more

Friday Finds | Pastels and Polka Dots

It’s Friday already! My week has flown by, but I’m so ready to have a couple days to chill with my family. I’ve gathered a few DIYs for the home in pastels and polka dots – hope you enjoy!  1 2 3 4 5 Have a great weekend friends! XOXO,... read more
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