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Shelving Add-on: Modular Cabinet

I’m back from a fun-filled, action-packed weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw your feed blow up as I posted picture after picture of our AMAZING West Elm event (I will share all about that soon enough)! When I got home, Joel had a wonderful surprise waiting for me – as if things couldn’t get any better.  When we first planned our modular shelving unit, we originally wanted cabinets built-in as well. It didn’t happen right away, but it sure happened now! I was BLOWN away by Joel’s craftsmanship. You guys, I’m married to one talented man! I love the beautiful addition to our cabinet, it’s perfect.  With the modular cabinet, I still get that shelf on the top, plus that added storage! It’s a great way to display all the pretties on the top and add even more function. Joel used thin fibre board for the doors, which is a light material making it easy to slide from one side to the other. They came white, so painting was unnecessary – bonus!  The plan is to make a few more and a built in desk – perhaps my future “office” space? We will have to wait until after the move, but I am so excited to think of all the great project opportunities we’ll have in our new house. That’s the best part of moving, I think!  What do you think of the add-on modular cabinet? I feel like it makes the shelf feel more complete now!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  ... read more

Cheerleading Megaphone

Yesterday, our family went on a little road trip to hunt for some treasures. It was the perfect thing to do, instead of being inside all day! We came home with a couple little things, but I had to share this funky cheerleading megaphone with you!  I love quirky pieces, a pop of blue and any kind of typography! It’s an instant eye-catcher and great conversational piece. Mostly because it’s just so random, kind of weird and a little bit fabulous.  There were actually six of these guys, but there was no way we needed them all. One even had a lightning bolt, which was amazing. But we had to go for one of the letters, it’s just one of those things that won’t ever go out of style.  Sometimes you come across some awesome typographical pieces, but can’t find one that’s personal to you. I don’t ever let that stop me, sometimes things don’t have to make perfect sense to fit into your home esthetic. I was on the look out for a “D” for our last name, but no luck. We picked “S” because it was the one in the best shape. It also doesn’t hurt that our son’s name is Sebastian, but in all honesty that’s not why we picked it. Plus, I think we’ll keep it somewhere where little hands can’t touch it!  I can’t get enough of these one-of-a-kind pieces that really bring that character of your home to life. To me, it’s all about how your personality comes out of the decor that makes your home unique and special.  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to... read more

Wooden Cacti Decor

I’ve always loved cactus in home decor! For as long as I can remember, my Oma has had a window full of an assortment of cacti, big and small. Not only are they trendy, but for me they are sentimental. It goes perfectly in any setting and it’s really easy to care for. I decided that I needed some in our home, but since Joel won’t let me add to my growing collection of plants (let’s be honest, I have a lot already) I opted for wood!  I thought this was a fun way to incorporate cactus in our home, without having to worry about watering yet another living thing. Using scrap pieces of Oak wood, we traced and cut out the cactus using the scroll saw. It was a pretty quick and painless DIY! We chose to base our design on the Prickly Pear Cactus for it’s fun and distinctive shape.  I love how minimal, yet playful they are. We decided against painting them, I love the natural detail of the Oak and didn’t want to mess with it. We added a simple Maple wood base to one of our cactus, using a dowel to secure it. The two heights add a bit more variation!  A little side note about Prickly Pear Cactus. Here in California, Joel and I have enjoyed some pretty amazing and authentic Mexican food. We are really going to miss it when we move! We often order a traditional mexican dish, Molcajete, to share at one of our favorite restaurants down the street. There, they serve it with Prickly Pear! To be honest, I don’t really enjoy... read more

Swiss Cross Pineapple

Last week, I shared some thrifted wooden pineapples and talked about maybe experimenting with painting some of them. This weekend, I decided to take very small baby steps with a pineapple we found for fifty cents!  So, a few days ago I headed over to Cupcakes and Cutlery to enter to win this amazing Cross and Plus Garland by The Flair Exchange and WON! I never win, so this was amazing!!! I have loved this design for a long time and even made a few pieces with the swiss cross design like this vase and Valentine’s art. I decided to use this pattern again for my pineapples and experiment with it a little!  For this project, all you will need is a wooden pineapple (or other decor piece if you prefer) and a paint marker, which is a little less messy than paint and a brush. Simply start making your cross pattern on the surface of your pineapple until you are satisfied with the design!  I have to say, it was so easy and a lot of fun. I’m feeling ready to break out the paints and try something a little more risky! For now, I love how the design works with this pineapple piece. And it matches my new darling garland! Such a classic design and I’m happy to incorporate more of it in my home.  What do you think of revamping classic pieces like this wooden pineapple? Also, a huge thanks again to The Flair Exchange for this gorgeous garland and for sponsoring all our beautiful party decor for this weekends Flower Crown Workshop – are you coming?!  XOXO, Lidy You... read more

Bertoia Side Chair

Joel and I are always on the hunt for really great pieces for the home! We’ve made some connections with folks where we live that have the scoop of where to find some pretty amazing finds! We recently met up with an artist that Joel has known for 9 years. He creates beautiful paintings and shares the love and appreciation of mid century design furniture.Years ago he use to deliver paint out in rural areas, where he would often see mid century furniture just sitting in people’s yards, discarded from nearby air force and military bases. That’s when he started collecting Eames, Bertoia and many others! And that’s how we came across our fabulous Bertoia Side Char! I think it’s safe to say we have a slight addiction to chairs. I love the modern and simple design of this Bertoia, it’s even comfortable! You just can’t pass up opportunities like this, when you have an appreciation for these designs you snag them when you can. The best part is, we didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for it. We got it for a fabulous deal and that’s how we like to roll! Because we live in an area where mid century furniture isn’t really desirable, there’s still lots to pick from (if you know where to look) and usually a lot cheaper. In LA, it’s slim to none and always SO expensive! It’s fun to look back and see how our style has changed over the years. But I have great confidence that pieces like this will remain desirable for years to come! It’s going to be in our home for a while... read more

Thrifted Wooden Pineapple Bowls

A few months ago, we came across these adorable wooden pineapple bowls at Salvation Army. They were too cute and cheap to say no to, I think we paid $2 for these beauties!  So far, they have been put to good use. Not only do they look lovely sitting on a shelf as simple decor, but they made great serving bowls at Holden’s Tropical themed birthday last week.  I love the retro feel of these pieces and how well they go with the rest of our decor. I’m really tempted to try a little DIY like this, but I’m too scared to ruin them! But seriously, how cute are those?! I’m pretty sure my Oma had something like this in her home when I was growing up. That, and the retro wooden fruit which I might need to track down somewhere!  What do you think of these cute bowls? How come Pineapples are so much fun?!  XOXO, Lidy You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Cork Board Frame And Organizer

In our master bedroom, we have a built-in desk area that we use as our mini office. I mean, it’s really just a small corner of the room. To stay organized I created some simple cork board organizers, which I also repurposed as frames to give it a little more appeal!  I love the black and white look of these! They really pop off our white walls and they are great to pin notes to or reminders. For the full tutorial, be sure to head over to Craftaholics Anonymous today!  Be sure to come back and tell me what you think!  XOXO, Lidy You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Painted Hand Sculpture

I’m back from a lovely long weekend with my family. It was perfectly relaxing! I decided to start the week with something kind of fun. I came across this little hand sculpture at Hobby Lobby last week and knew it had some potential, so I brought it home with me. Plus, it was $5! What you will need: Sculpture Paint Paint Brush Acrylic Clear Coat What to do: 1. Gather your supplies 2. Find a safe surface to paint on 3. Start your first layer of paint, carefully covering each surface 4. Let each paint layer dry completely between each coat 5. Once you have completely covered your sculpture and it has dried, spray a layer of Acrylic Coat to give it a nice glossy look.  This is the perfect quirky piece to add to our decor. I have a little obsession with head and hand sculptures lately, so I am so happy I gave this piece a more modern look. It’s amazing how a little paint can make something completely new! I am loving blue in our living room. It’s a refreshing and rich color, it really adds life to the space! What do you think? XOXO, Lidy You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

Birth Announcements that Inspire Nursery Decor

Did you ever realize your birth announcements are a great starting point when you are first trying to come up with a nursery design? I wish I figured this out when our kiddos were still babies! Minted has some amazing selection of birth announcements – I know that’s where I’ll be going when our adoption is finally finalized! Yes, they even have adoption announcements!! I picked three of my favorite Minted birth announcements to help give you an idea of how you can use it as the foundation to your next nursery project! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 1. Neutral and Modern: This Sea Creatures  announcement is the perfect inspiration for a clean, simple and modern nursery design! This is great for people who are a little hesitant to go with a specific theme or too bright of colors. It’s also one of those designs that baby can grow into over the years without having to change up too much of the decor when they are a little older! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 2. Playful and Whimsical: The For This Child announcement seemed so sweet! It would make the perfect baby boys room, with the light blue and earthy tones. It’s not too masculine, but not too soft either. It still has a modern feel, but you could always stick to a little more traditional if you preferred! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 3. Glam and Bohemian: The Lacy Paper Foil-Pressed announcement is a little more bold! If you’re having a girl, I think this would be such a fun theme. Pops of... read more
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