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Pineapple Centerpieces

Today is our son Holden’s fourth birthday! I can’t believe it! Joel took him on a field trip to with his fourth grade class this morning, so I think he’ll come home a very excited birthday boy. Since this is our last year celebrating his birthday in California, a tropical party seemed like a good fit for a theme.  While the boys are gone for the day, I am putting the party details together for this weekend. We will be celebrating with our closest friends in just a couple days while listening to some surf rock, eating some Hawaiian kabobs, sipping on hibiscus tropical punch and other delicious treats. There will be LOTS of pineapples and flamingos! I even found a flamingo pinata – it’s amazing. And of course, these fun DIY Pineapple Centerpieces.  What you will need: Yellow Paper Pen or Pencil Scissors Tape Vase Greenery What to do: 1. Gather your supplies 2. With your pen, draw your pineapple shape 3. Cut out the pineapple 4. Place tape on the back of your paper pineapple 5. Secure it to the front of your vase 6. Place your greenery in the vase and you’re done!  These pineapples are simple and adorable! They will make great additions to our tropical party. There will be plenty of bold and bright colors on Holden’s special day! What do you think of a tropical party theme? I am loving the whole pineapple and flamingo trend right now! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Dip Dyed Planter

I’ve been a little obsessed with dipping different materials into dye lately! I don’t know why, it’s just too fun. I’ve had this faux plant from IKEA for years and decided it really needed a little makeover. I really should just get rid of it because I have living plants all over my house, but I wanted to play around before I gave it up!  What you will need: Plaster vase  Dye Container What to do: 1. Collect your supplies and head outside where you have space to avoid wrecking clothes or other nearby materials. 2. Mix your dye with water according to directions. I started out with a darker color. 3. Add more water to lighten your color and let it rise to dye more of your vase. 4. Repeat step #3 and submerge the remainder of your vase in the dye solution. 5. Take out and allow to dry completely.  This project took no time at all! I love the faint ombre look the vase has. It’s created a lot more depth, where once it was a pretty boring and basic piece. I kind of like it more now, so I might hold on to it just a little longer… What do you think?! You can use this technique for anything, so if you can’t find a faux plant like I have you could easily do this with another project! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  ... read more

Fresh Flower Crown Workshop With West Elm

I have some BIG news friends!!! I am so incredibly pumped to FINALLY share this with you guys! Rachel from The Crafted Life and I will be hosting an amazing fresh flower crown workshop at WEST ELM LA!!!! Pinch me….. We will be adorning some gorgeous flower crowns, sipping mimosas, nibbling on some treats, taking rad pics in a photo booth and collecting some amazing goodies from some pretty fantastic sponsors! This is all happening at the amazing West Elm Beverly Boulevard location – so excited! So, be sure to buy your tickets before they sell out! Pst! If you are in the LA area, be sure to join us for our first in-person blogger hangout! We will be enjoying a lovely dinner June 7th, if you are interested simply email me at hellolidyblog@gmail.com for more details. Hope to see you there my friends! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Suspended Cable Shelving Plans

I was recently asked in an interview what my creative process was when starting a new project. Today I decided to share with you a more detailed and thorough idea of how Joel and I prepare to work on a DIY at home! It really helps us stay organized, focused and determined to get things done!  The most current project we are brainstorming is some sort of shelving unit above our kitchen sink. We have a great window there, perfect for hanging a few plants and simple decor pieces. Our kitchen is needing some sort of remodel, but because we don’t have the time or money to start from scratch, a simple DIY shelving unit should do the trick!   1. Research. Reseach. Research. Before we begin ANY project, no matter how big or small, it’s good to back it up with research. Whether it be for different kinds of materials you can use or to see how it might have been done before,  it’s great to go in with a bit more knowledge. When researching, Joel and I opt for Bing! Why? For a lot of reasons! One being, we are visual people and seeing strong images to back up what we are looking for are important to us. It gets the wheels in our heads turning and pumped to get the job done! Bing is great for finding relevant images for what we are looking for, plus suggesting even more ideas on related topics! Second,  Bing Rewards. Rewards….need I say more?! What other search engine gives you rewards just for doing a little research you are going to do anyway?... read more

Dreaming Of A Bathroom Makeover

A couple weeks ago I shared our main bathroom tour! It had come a long ways, but we finally gave it that modern touch we were looking for. Now I can’t stop thinking about our very tiny half-bath. I mean, like closet tiny. It’s part of the master  bedroom, but could use some serious updating! I don’t know what we were thinking with that paint color when we moved here 6 years ago, but I am dreaming up some ideas for what I wish it could be!  Since the bathroom is so small, I would love to get rid of our pedestal sink. With all the amazing selections of bathroom vanities out there, I was hoping to create more floor space by having something that was wall mounted! There are so many options out there, but I’m definitely leaning toward the more modern vanities!  The first thing I would want to do is paint those walls white, creating the illusion of a more open space. I would love to replace our lighting with something more minimal like the one in our main bath. I would love to have simple accent colors like natural wood or even grey. Anything to make the space feel more simple and clean!  If I was feeling adventurous, I would even lighten up the floors by replacing that dark grey tile with something more bright! It would match perfectly with one of those fabulous contemporary vanities I’ve been eyeing! I’m hoping we will have the time to do this before we move! If not, I guess I could always carry these plans onto our new home! ... read more

DIY Painted Curtains

Recently I was asked to participate in a DIY paint challenge by Wayfair! I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started! I knew this would be a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was asked to join in! I literally drew up a million plans for these curtains and doing research on what has been done before. I finally decided to keep it simple and go with the whole less is more motto! I stuck to black and white, since it’s a bold and daring trend! I decided to try cascading polka dots, where they start off light at the top and become heavier as you work your way down.  What you will need: White curtains  Black fabric paint Circle stencil Stencil brush What to do: 1. Iron out as many wrinkles in your curtains as possible 2. Tape securely to a hard surface. I used our kitchen floor since the paint would be easy to remove if it seeped through 3. Get your supplies ready to go 4. Place your stencil where you would like your design to begin and secure with tape to keep it from moving 5. Carefully begin dabbing your black paint onto the curtain using your stencil as a guide 6. Work your way to the bottom of the curtain, begin by adding more circles as you approach the bottom. Tip: You can pre plan where the circles go by tracing ahead of time with pencil to give you a bigger picture of the end product. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty time consuming! But I love the end... read more

DIY Dipped Frame

I’ve been asked a lot about the frames on our gallery wall in the living room and if I made them myself. The answer is no, but it is so easy to do! I decided to show you just how quickly you accomplish the same look in just a few minutes!  What you will need: Any frame Tape Paint in any color (you could also use spray paint) Pain brush What to do: 1. Gather your supplies 2. Take your print out of the frame 3. Tape off a section of your frame (if you are using spray paint, make sure to completely cover the other portion of the frame) 4. Paint within your taped off section 5. Let your paint dry completely and then slowly remove the tape 6. Place your print back in the frame and you’re done!  Joel thrifted this wolf print and frame for the boys room a while ago.  I liked the colors in the print and the frame was in great shape, but that gold helps it pop even more!  This DIY is so easy, you could do this to a bunch of frames and create a really cool gallery wall. I wish I grabbed more of those frames when I had the chance, but now I can just make a bunch of my own in no time at all!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Flea Market Decor: Pottery Tabletop Wreath

This past weekend, we went to LA for Mother’s Day! My favorite thing to do is hit up a good flea market, so Sunday we headed to the Melrose Trading Post to see if we could find any treasures!  There were all sorts of fun stuff, but nothing that really stood out. Just as we were leaving, a very unique piece caught our eye! I don’t even know what to call it really, but we decided on a pottery tabletop wreath!  I instantly fell in love with it’s one-of-a-kind shape! It’s not very often you see 9 miniature vases formed together to make this fun centerpiece! It looks great all on it’s own or with a few pretty pieces of greenery in a couple of the vases. I love the neutral colors, it compliments our coffee table and living area! We might have found a small little treasure from the flea market this year, but I am sure glad we found it. It’s just so different and a whole lot of fun!  What do you think of this funky new piece we scored?! On another note, I discovered a great store in LA that sells hand shaped chairs and I am SERIOUSLY considering getting one – do you think it’s a little weird or kind of awesome? I am a fan of having those quirky pieces in our home, you know, the conversational pieces!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Hibiscus Tropical Punch

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FlavorforLess http://my­disclosur.es/OBsstV May is a busy birthday month in our house hold! Our daughter just celebrated a birthday a week ago and now our son is going to be four in just a few short days! I love planning parties and coming up with fun little themes I know our kids are going to love! We decided to do a bright and colorful tropical party for our son this year! Think lots of pineapples and flamingos! I am busy putting together some yummy treats and drinks to serve our guests that are both adult and child friendly. Since the weather is starting to get hotter, I really wanted to serve a refreshing drink that wasn’t going to be loaded with sugar and calories. I decided to make a delicious Hibiscus Tropical Punch! But like most punches, the base is usually soda and that means a lot of sugar and a lot more unnecessary calories. Luckily, TEN calorie products offer a great variety of sodas that offer a lot less sugar and are a lot better for you, so I don’t have to worry about sacrificing that refreshing taste!  What you will need: Hibiscus Tea Bags 7 UP Ten  Pineapple Juice A variety of cut up fruit (I used fresh pineapples, strawberries, grapes, blueberries) What to do: Boil your water and steep your hibiscus tea until cool. Pour 1/3 tea, 1/3 7 UP Ten and 1/3 pineapple juice into your pitcher. Add ice... read more
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