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It’s the Weekend – Happy Halloween!

It's the weekend, but not just any weekend. It's Halloween weekend, which means seeing our cute kids in cute costumes and eating their candy. Just kidding. Kind of.  This year, our kids wanted to pick out there costumes. I really enjoyed watching them choose the...

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Simple Eucalyptus Arrangement

I haven't done a plant series in a couple weeks, but today I decided to focus on another kind of green! When it comes to florals, I'm a real simple kind of gal. A matter of fact, you can just ditch the flowers and give me the greenery and I'll be just as happy!  I've...

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It’s the Weekend – Let’s Celebrate!

Golly, I'm sure thankful it's the weekend!! My brain is overwhelmed by the long list of to-dos and constant interruptions that prevent that list from getting done due to my very busy 5, 4 and almost 3 year old. Guys, being a mom is HARD!!!! Since I was unable to...

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How to Create Easy Spider Candle Votives

So, I've been getting a lot of questions on my Instagram about where I got my spider votives! But here's the thing - they aren't technically meant for candles. I decided to share my little secret with you all today!  I'm all about finding unique decor and when I...

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Mom Style | Lotta From Stockholm

So, I'm going to be really honest in this post today friends. I've tried to get this post up for about a YEAR now and today it finally happened. As a mom (going onto three years now), I find it so hard to put myself in front of the camera and maintain confidence with...

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DIY Modern + Minimal Pendant Light

It's FRIYAY! I cannot tell you how happy I am. It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada - still have to get use to it being so early in the year compared to when we were living in California. So, while I'm stuffing my face full of food, you guys should definitely...

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DIY Halloween Wreath Diorama

It's that time of year. Halloween! It's not the most popular holiday in our home, I'll admit. But sometimes it's fun to be a little festive and create a few bold statement pieces that require less spooky decor and acts as more of a focal point in the home. In this...

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DIY Seasonal Terrarium

Well friends, I'm going to be honest. I am not decorating my whole living space for Halloween this year. Ok there, I said it - don't hate me! As a busy mom, I'm finding less time to do the things I use to do. But little pieces here and there are ok with me. I'm trying...

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DIY Moroccan-Inspired Side Table

Have you ever come across those large brushed-brass trays that look rather gaudy? Normally I would just walk on by, but this time I decided to give it a whole new look with this DIY Moroccan-inspired side table! I am really excited about this project. It worked out so...

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