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Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Wreath

I am beyond excited! I’ve teamed up with seven other fabulous creative ladies for our first Quarterly Collab! This month, we are each sharing a DIY wreath! As we approach the holidays, I think about family traditions. For the past few years, we have paid tribute to my husband’s Scandinavian roots by incorporating Swedish inspired decor in our home. Not just for the holidays, but year round!  My husband and I have been long time fans of Scandinavian design. Whether it’s the clean lines on furniture or the white, fresh and simple interiors. I was really inspired to come up with a Christmas wreath this year that reflected our love for his Swedish roots!  What you will need: Metal ring Thin floral wire Greenery of your choice Red berries White birds (with clips) Wood house and mountains (my husband cut these with a table saw for me, but you can find these shapes at a craft store) White paint Paint brush White leather strips (I substituted this for the ribbon) What to do: Wreath: Take your wire ring and start to attach your greenery where you would like. I used thin floral wire to attach the greenery to my ring. This also allows for mobility if things need to move around later. When the greenery is all attached, start adding your berries where you would like to add that pop of color. Clip your birds to the wreath, which are optional. Attach your leather strips to the bottom by making a large loop and pulling the strips through.  Wooden village: You can easily buy pre-cut houses at the craft store.... read more

Family Day Part II

Preparing to move back to Canada can be a little overwhelming. It’s so easy to forget about that special time you need with the ones you love and to enjoy the time we still have here in California! Before we move, my husband and I wanted to make sure to plan some family day adventures! There are a lot things to do in LA and so decided to pay a little visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum!  The weather was so perfect that day, it was great for walking around Hollywood boulevard! It was kind of fun hitting up some of the tourist attractions we would normally overlook. I guess we are becoming a little more sentimental as our time here is limited. And it just didn’t seem right  if we skipped out on some of those things to do in Hollywood when it’s so close to home!  When we arrived at the wax museum, the kids were a bit hesitant at first. They didn’t know how to take all the wax figures! After a while, they realized they weren’t real and started to have a lot of fun! They wanted to pose and be silly, which is what every two and three year old should be doing while there!  The Hollywood Wax Museum is really designed for interaction. It was so fun to be able to be a part of the experience, rather than walking by and just looking. It’s not everyday you are encouraged to walk into the open sets and take photos with the figures! Which is why I think our kids loved it – it... read more

Modern Wooden Christmas Trees

In the perfect world, I would love to replace our tree this year with something super modern and fun. But I’m kind of a sucker for tradition and so that will not be happening anytime soon! Especially when you have little ones! But that didn’t stop me from modernizing a Christmas tree this year… What you will need: Wooden trees (found at any craft store) Black Sharpie What to do: It’s so simple! All you need to do is take that sharpie and start creating some fun patterns! I chose triangles in three different patters: solids, polka dots and stripes! Continue drawing the patterns in a random design until the tops of the trees are covered and then you’re done! So easy… I had a lot of fun with this project, it took no time at all and I was able to play a little. They are simple, yet fun – the perfect pop I was looking for!  I may not be able to have a large scale modern tree, but these are a simple solution if you are looking for something a little different this holiday season! What do you think? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath

Looking for a fun alternative this holiday season to add to your home decor? How about a metallic geo holiday wreath! Metallic holiday decor is a great way to follow the latest trend and have a little fun this Christmas!  I’ve long been inspired by the Dwell Studio’s Wired Wreath, so I decided to create my own version based on these geometric shapes!   What you will need: Pipe Cleaners in gold and black Black Ribbon Start by making diamond shapes from your gold pipe cleaners. You will need 10 pipe cleaners per diamond. You can simply follow the same instructions from this DIY, but by twisting each pipe cleaner together. Once you have a good amount of geometric shapes, start creating a wreath by twisting each shape together using extra pipe cleaners. It’s kind of like a puzzle, finding which ones fit together nicely in order to create the shape you are looking for. It’s not going to be a perfect circle, but that’s what makes it so fun! When your wreath is all complete, create the bow by connecting two triangles from your black pipe cleaner and a third to connect together. Attach it  to your wreath and you’re done!  It’s a nice touch for the holidays, adding just enough sparkle to your wall! It’s also perfect for New Years – and if you’re brave, all year long! You could also tame it down a bit by making the wreath black and the bow gold. A little more subtle if you aren’t the flashy type!  Stay tuned, on Monday I have one more fabulous wreath idea for you... read more

Polka Dot Paper Runner

Christmas is approaching and I can’t wait to be with my family and friends to celebrate the reason for the season! In our home, it’s a lot of gathering around the kitchen table, catching up and a lot of eating!! Here is a simple addition you can add to your table top decor while you are busy entertaining and enjoying your holidays! What you will need: Kraft paper White paint Foam pouncer brush Scissors What to do: Start by measuring the length and width you would like your table runner to be. Take your scissors and cut out according to your measurements. Lay out on a flat surface. Carefully dab your foam pouncer brush in your paint so the entire bottom surface is covered as evenly as possible. Dab onto your paper runner. Continue until your runner is covered. Let dry completely and then enjoy!  This is such a cheap and accessible way to revamp your dining table or any table this season! You can use any paint color you would like and you can even play with the design a little. Keep in mind, it is paper, so you want to be sure not to set anything damp or wet directly onto your runner.  What do you think about this simple solution for your table top decor? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Scandinavian Christmas Village

This year, I decided I wanted to get rid of our old Christmas village and replace it with something a little more modern and sleek. Our old village was very traditional and very Charles Dickens-like. It was cute and festive, but wasn’t really our style anymore.  I knew I wanted something very minimalistic – something clean, with simple lines! I also really wanted some mountains incorporated somehow, they are always so whimsical! Of course, a little Scandinavian village would be perfect!  What you will need: Pine board  Pencil Table saw (use a miter jig to cut angles) Spray paint in black and white Painters tape What to do: Draw out your desired village on the pine board (we glued and clamped two together so it would be thicker). I wanted simple, but fun angles. Cut out each piece with the table saw, using the miter jig to cut the angles of the village. Choose which pieces you want to be painted and spray according to whatever color you prefer. I painted one white, black and left a couple natural to add variation. A few coats will be needed. Tape the tips of your mountains and paint the tops. Once they are dry, remove tape. Set up your new village, show it off and enjoy!  I love how it turned out! It’s true, sometimes less is more. In this case, we made a good choice! With all the other elements going on in our home, it really tones things down. Our Scandinavian Christmas village is exactly what I was looking for. It sure looks great next to our God Jul... read more

Christmas Wood Light Up Sign

My favorite part of the season is when we get to enjoy the coziness and warmth it brings! As soon as the sun sets, I have the Christmas tree lights and mantel lights all aglow! I instantly feel like I need to make some hot cocoa, turn on my favorite holiday tunes and enjoy this happy time of year!  My husband made a great Christmas wood light up sign to sit on our dining room hutch! It’s sentimental to him, since it signifies his Swedish roots. “God Jul” means Merry Christmas in Swedish and now it lights up  nice and bright for all to see!  What you will need: Plywood Drill Printed out font of “God Jul”  (or another merry message) What to do: Simply cut your plywood in the size you would like, depending on where you plan on hanging or sitting it. Temporarily tape your printed font on the wood and drill holes freely along each letter of the word. The more holes, the more the sign will light up! Remove the printed font. Simply set your sign in front of twinkly lights and your sign will come alive! You could also push your lights through the holes and tape it securely behind, but we kind of like it a subtle glow! Now enjoy!!  Our hutch really pops now and I feel happy to have a part of my husband’s heritage as part of our decor! It’s feeling very festive in our home now, how about you?! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

How to Host the Ultimate Dinner Party

Guest post written by Tali Wee of Zillow Hosting friends for an intimate dinner gathering is always exciting to look forward to, but sometimes the planning and the chaos of a full house can be stressful. But thorough preparations can melt a host’s stress and lead to a seamless and successful dinner party! Consider these six tips for throwing a smooth and memorable dinner party. Theme: Source While not always necessary, incorporating a theme into the dinner party simplifies subsequent steps in the planning process. For instance, a holiday dinner party is perfect for peppermint-infused cocktails and slow-roasted turkey. Planning on throwing a party during the non-holiday season? Incorporate less obvious themes, such as a casino-inspired evening. Decorate sugar cookies to look like poker chips and use playing cards as place cards. To keep the Las Vegas vibe buzzing, entertain guests with games and prizes. For Los Angeles homeowners, a Hollywood-themed party complete with a red carpet, star-shaped place cards and popcorn is another good option. Committing to a theme early on eases the tough decisions for food, beverages and décor but also inspires guests to dress the part. Guest List: Source Preparing a guest list is not always easy. Hosts and hostesses often worry about leaving individuals out and unintentionally hurting their feelings. Select the guest list thoughtfully, beginning with size considerations. Dinner parties should be intimate gatherings of around eight to 12 people. Also make sure friends who are notorious for creating drama are not present. Presumably alcohol is served, and the last thing needed after all the hard work in planning and preparing is an argument at... read more

Handmade Wood Ornaments

Every Christmas season, it’s become a bit of a tradition in our home to make handmade ornaments! This year was no exception and we decided to make some cute woodland animals inspired by our Canadian roots: beavers, bears, owls and foxes!  We used four different types of wood, so each individual ornament has a different natural shade of brown. We sanded them and rubbed oil based sealer on the finished product. We simply drilled holes at the top and used leather scrap as ties! It’s so simple and beautiful – perfect little gifts for our closest family and friends!  For us, ornaments like this will never lose appeal! They go with practically any color scheme and look great hanging on their own. We gave our oldest son the bear, our daughter the fox and our youngest son the beaver. My husband and I will share the owl! Unfortunately, there was suppose to be a deer to add to the group, but our scroll saw broke before we could finish them. Sad, I know. We are waiting for some parts to replace and then we will have to finish them up!  I think it’s great to add a handmade element to your Christmas decor each year. Especially when it’s something you can keep for years to come and give to your kids so they can pass it down when they are parents one day too.  What do you think of these cute little wood ornaments?! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more
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