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DIY Felt Fortune Cookies

A while back, I did a guest post for a friend. It was my first guest post and I was super nervous! Thankfully, she’s one of the most sweetest gals I know and things went smoothly.  So, I decided to share that DIY with you today, since it’s one I often go back to each year. It’s great for Valentine’s! You can also make these for fun party favors or little treats to send off to school with the kids for their friends and teachers!  What you will need: Felt and matching ribbon Your very own fortunes printed on plain white paper (have as much fun as you want with this!) Twist ties Hot glue gun 1. Cut your felt into circles, about 3.5″ in diameter should be just right!  2. Grab a twist tie (cut to size)  and glue it onto the center of your circle.  3. Take a piece of your matching ribbon and glue over the wire to hide the ugly bits!  4. Place your fortune inside! You choose which one!  5. Pinch the top of the cookie together and bend corners downward into the classic cookie shape! It’s super easy and you can have a lot of fun with these! You can get all kinds of crazy creative with those little fortunes inside! Feel free to make a bunch for your friends and family! What do you think of these fun little felt fortunes?! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment!  You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

So Long, Coffee Table. For now.

It’s 10pm. I’m sitting on my couch with a million things I have yet to do. A million things I want to avoid. And it dawns on me that I have nothing to share or to show for tomorrow’s blog post. And that’s ok. Because this is just another instance of me being real. The real me is saying I’m tired. Exhausted. Emotional. Shaky from too much coffee. Too tired to sleep.  So many things have happened this week, I don’t even know where to start. I will spare you the details. Instead of being productive today, I was very much unproductive. I thought about doing a fun little project, snapping some pictures and sharing with you something great. But in all honesty, I was just too lazy. Too much life happening right now.  It’s funny. When you’re adopting you know you’re going to be looked at under a microscope. And you are ok with that, because it’s part of the process and it’s what you signed up for. Slowly, it starts to drain you. Some days are easier than others. This week, the smallest thing happened. I was told we would have to get rid of our coffee table. It was too much of a safety hazard. I felt myself burn up. Really?! I mean, after all our kids have been through and this coffee table is a safety hazard? My husband built this coffee table. He did a dang good job. Seeing it everyday reminds us of some small accomplishment. It’s small, but it makes us happy. So, we put the coffee table away because it’s worth... read more

Map Heart Bouquet

It’s officially February, which means it’s technically time to start bringing on the Valentine’s post. I decided to share an easy one with you. One I know you will be able to emulate easily in your home!  I made a cute little bouquet of mapped hearts and simply clipped them to my LED  light branches I have in a white ceramic vase. It’s a small touch of Valentine’s decor, which I love because it’s something I can have up all year if I wanted.  What you will need: Paper (I used a map I found at the dollar store) Scissors Pencil Clothes Pin (I found these awesome ones at Target in their dollar section) Branches (or anything else you would like to clip them to) Simply trace out a heart onto your paper. Cut out as many as you would like (you can use your first heart as a guide to keep them all consistent in shape). Clip the bottoms of your heart to the branch and arrange accordingly! SO easy, right?! I know these would look so cute with varying shades of pink and splashes of glitter and gold. Totally up to you and your style! No matter what, it will look great!  I love the look of the mapped hearts. There are splashes of color and graphics on them, making each one a little different than the other. Not to mention, these fabulous clothes pins which I scored from Target! The cute arrows kind of play with the idea of the old school arrow through the heart. This is just a bit modernized!  What do you think?... read more

Glasses As Accessories

So, since we are on the topic of glasses I thought I would do a little video blog today. The topic? What do you think about wearing non-prescrition glasses as accessories? Before I got my fantastic pair of Firmoo glasses, I was a bit of a sceptic. I admit it, I was hesitant about whether it was cool to wear glasses if you didn’t technically have a prescription. Then, I was converted and I often sport my new pair as I would a necklace or earrings. I LOVE them and I want to know – do you love it too or are you still on the fence? My husband is often murmuring under his breath “nerd”, so I know how he feels about the subject today!  In the video, I am accompanied with a friend as we discuss the idea of wearing glasses as merely a fashion accessory. It’s a fun, quirky and silly little vlog, so enjoy! (*music by M.I.A.)  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

The Newest, Most Fabulous Accessory

I was recently asked to do a review for Firmoo, a global online optical store. I was absolutely thrilled to say the least! This company is THE world’s most popular online eyewear emporium, with years of expertise! It’s hard to beat their prices, seriously. I was directed to their amazing virtual try-on system, where I simply uploaded an image of myself and tried on all kinds of fun and funky frames! It was just too cool! This is a fantastic feature, it truly gives you a realistic idea of how frames will look on your face. Those ones you’ve been eyeing, might not even be the right shape for you. But something you would have never looked at twice, suddenly seem perfect! I know, because this is exactly what happened to me!  In a matter of minutes (maybe more – I was having a lot of fun) I found a great frame that I loved! It wasn’t something I would expect, but they are totally hip and fabulous! I love how they make such a statement when wearing them. I can throw on any outfit – whether I’m running to the grocery store with the kids, going for dinner with the girls or dressing up for a date night! They have this totally geeky vibe too, which I’m not ashamed to say! Once I put my order in, my glasses arrived in a matter of days! They came in a protective hard case, but they also threw in a soft one too – bonus!  So, here’s the thing. I don’t actually have a prescription. For the longest time I thought... read more

Grow. Learn. Love.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately – be yourself – use what you have and go with it. Which, of course, causes me to reflect on things. Am I being myself? Yes. But… I have also been having to ask myself what more can I offer? I can do DIYs, share design tips, talk thrifty finds until the cows come home. But that just makes me another dime a dozen. And to me it seems so superficial. Those things don’t teach us anything about life. About struggles and triumphs. It’s just the fluff of life really. My life is SO much more than that. What I need to share should be more personal.  It’s hard. It’s wonderful. It’s scary.  Why not talk more about adoption. We are in the middle of it, after all.  Why did we choose to adopt? Is adoption for everyone? Is it hard to adopt? Did we adopt privately or publicly? What’s the process like? Is it difficult? Is it easy? Would you do it again? These are all questions I want to answer, plus more. I truly want that to be a HUGE part of my blog. I want to be an advocate for adoption. I want to share my experiences openly and honestly. I want others to explore the possibilities. To see the beauty in adoption and not be afraid of it. My life is forever changed. And what a shame it would be if I didn’t share the why’s and how’s of this wild adventure. (* music by my talented husband, Joel) Follow along. Grow. Learn. Love. XOXO, Lidy  Feel free to... read more

Rugs: Top Six Picks

I am dreaming up what our living room is going to look like once we finally have the time to get started on our long list of to-do’s. I am looking for a large area rug, but I am having such a hard time finding the right one. I put together some of the ones I love the best – for their fabulous designs, lovely colors and level of fabulous they will add to the room! I am hoping to find a rather large one for the living room space. One that is easy to keep clean and vacuum (we have some messy little kiddos). I’m sure you can tell that I am a pattern lover. I love bold – it kinda goes with the personality. If we are going to be painting our walls grey, I want to make sure it doesn’t get too dull in here! What do you think about my picks? Have you had any success finding a rug you love? I would love to hear your opinion and suggestions!  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 XOXO,... read more

Inspired By west elm Heart Mugs

First off, let’s just say I have a crush on west elm. I LOVE everything, want everything and am always drooling over a handful of lovely products! Unfortunately, we don’t live near one. Which is probably a good thing – or we would be in trouble. BIG trouble. I guess I could do all my ordering online, but I like being able to see things in person and love on them a little first. Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I decided to introduce a little DIY centered on the day of love. I am totally inspired by west elm’s heart mugs! They are so modern, feminine and playful.I thought it would be fun to make my own version of them. Obviously, they aren’t as cute. So let’s just get that out of the way. The point is, it’s fun to challenge yourself and to make things by hand. It’s stretches you creatively and you almost always feel gratification when you finish a project. What you will need: Porcelain Mug (I got mine from the dollar store) Gold Leaf Pen Some west elm inspiration! For the first mug, I created a single heart. I made the lines a little thicker than that of west elm’s original mug. Also, don’t be afraid if it’s not perfect. Handmade things aren’t suppose to be “perfect”, they are supposed to be fun! For the second mug, I tried to create a Ikat-like design (much like this one), in the shape of a heart. I simply drew one line top to bottom starting at the center. I worked my way upward shortening the length... read more


So, I’ve gotten A LOT of questions regarding adoption and parenting lately on facebook and email. I’m totally flattered, but super nervous! Who am I to give any advice. I’ve only really been a “mom” for 6 months, so I feel overwhelmed myself. I totally appreciate you asking me though, it’s an honor to share my journey as a mom and as a fellow adoptive parent. I decided it would be fun to start a video series where I can begin posting questions as they come. I thought it would be nice to be face to face with you, speaking from my heart. It’s a lot more rewarding than just posting DIY videos all the time (which I still love to do).  This will just give you a chance to get to know me more intimately and perhaps spark some more questions!  First question for this series is: How do you find balance between being a mom/wife and your hobby without feeling guilt? Great question! Here is my humble opinion regarding this topic on balance! Also, I apologize ahead of time for the video quality (one of my goals this year is to learn how to better my skill) and for the plethora of interesting faces! Enjoy friends!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more
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