Painted Hand Sculpture

I’m back from a lovely long weekend with my family. It was perfectly relaxing! I decided to start the week with something kind of fun. I came across this little hand sculpture at Hobby Lobby last week and knew it had some potential, so I brought it home with me. Plus, it was $5!

Painted Hand Sculpture

What you will need:



Paint Brush

Acrylic Clear Coat

Painted Hand Sculpture

What to do:

1. Gather your supplies 2. Find a safe surface to paint on 3. Start your first layer of paint, carefully covering each surface 4. Let each paint layer dry completely between each coat 5. Once you have completely covered your sculpture and it has dried, spray a layer of Acrylic Coat to give it a nice glossy look. 

Painted Hand Sculpture

This is the perfect quirky piece to add to our decor. I have a little obsession with head and hand sculptures lately, so I am so happy I gave this piece a more modern look. It’s amazing how a little paint can make something completely new!

Painted Hand Sculpture

I am loving blue in our living room. It’s a refreshing and rich color, it really adds life to the space! What do you think?

XOXO, Lidy

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