Do you ever go into a store and feel overwhelmed by that tug in your belly because everything is simply too cute?  You’re just wishing you could take the whole store home with you! Well, that’s exactly what I felt like when I found Avoca in Ireland. For an hour, I carried around items I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on them (perhaps to make myself feel a bit better?), but ended up putting them all back on the shelves because sometimes there’s just not enough room in the suitcase. Bummer.

Now that I am back home, I have been browsing their online store kicking myself for not buying something that day! They carry such a wide variety of pretty little things: from women’s fashions, throws, blankets, cushions, scarves, hats, gloves, kitchenwares, gourmet food, candles, soaps, jewelry, books, cookbooks to bags and wallets! I am telling you, I would have bought it all if my husband wasn’t keeping careful watch over me. I had a chance to snap a few pics of the things that caught my eye, hope you enjoy this lovely line just as I do! 

Lambswool Throws

Vintage China

Paper and Stationary

Numbered Ceramic Canisters

Fun Wall Pieces

Cute Signs + Books

Feel free to check out their online store and take a look at their cute items. They also have  other goodies to admire, like a peak into their gardens!!!! If you take a look, be sure to tell me what you fell in love with! There is bound to be a few things!  

XOXO, Lidy


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Sweet Treats

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