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Hello friends! I am back from a brief hiatus! I really needed some time away to relax and focus on my family. So many things have happened this past month, but I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to go again! I’m starting this week off with a bang! I had the pleasure of working with a fabulous team of individuals over at ezebee.com! If you haven’t heard of them before, it’s your lucky day! I asked just a few questions you might be asking yourselves right now!

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1. What is ezebee.com

ezebee.com is a marketplace community where anyone wanting to sell online can sign up, create a shop, and offer unlimited products or services, all for free! It also helps vendors more easily market their brands with a variety of social networking tools, not to mention the helpful community of ezebees.

2. How did ezebee.com first get started?

The idea for ezebee.com came up in the summer of 2012 when the two creators, Ossian and Frank, discussed how small, creative companies and freelancers turn to the internet to promote their business in times of economic crisis. Besides running their own website or shop (which for the most part is already a challenge both knowledge-wise and financially), they also know how important it is to be active on social media platforms in order to create sufficient traffic to their websites. Not to mention, spending additional time to optimize for Google and other search engines which takes even more valuable time away from their business. Ossian and Frank searched the web and could not find anything that really combines a working online selling platform with a strong and active social network. So they decided to create just that, and ezebee.com Beta was launched in February 2013.

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3. Where are you based out of?

ezebee HQ is located on the sunny island of Mallorca in Spain. The busy bees here work hard, but it doesn’t hurt to have some sun to make the day more enjoyable 😉

4. Are your users mostly in the US or do you have some from overseas as well? If so, where?

ezebee.com is an international platform for creative minds and business owners from all over the world, where they can talk about common interests and support each other. There are Showrooms from over 55 countries and the site functions in three main languages: English, German, and Spanish (with Italian coming soon!) The community at ezebee.com is a warm and welcoming bunch of vendors and shoppers who work together to communicate business ideas and help each other through sharing on a variety of social media.

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5. Do you have any special requirements for selling on ezebee.com?

As a matter of fact, we don’t! ezebee.com does not restrict what you can sell to any specific criteria. If you have a business that you want to share with others, then ezebee.com is the place for you! In addition to a large amount of handmade products, ezebee users also offer their freelancing services, advertise events or anything else they can think of. You can be open at ezebee!

6. How can people get connected and start selling their items online?

Easy! You can sign up in minutes (even quicker by connecting via Facebook or Twitter) Selling on ezebee.com is free and just takes signing up, creating a Showroom, and adding listings. (Link->>)http://www.ezebee.com/getting-started

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7. Do you have a current favorite item or seller on ezebee.com?

Making me pick favorites eh? Well, like my mother would say “I love all my kids the same”… but we all know she’s just being nice. ezebee.com has started a blog where we interview the owners of Showrooms that really stick out to us. When there is a Showroom owner who is active in the community and posting eye-catching listings regularly, our interest is peeked and we want to know more about them! We will also have featured Showrooms in the future, but for now, be sure to check out the blog for all ezebee news here: http://magazine.ezebee.com/

8. What would you say sets ezebee.com a part from all the rest of the online selling communities?

It’s free! I know, sounds crazy, but at ezebee.com we believe that if you have a business, your work should pay off and you should reap all the benefits! With ezebee.com you don’t have to pay subscription or commission fees and never will.

9. Any tips for creatives thinking about venturing their business in this direction?

Be active, be personal, and be genuine. Opening a business is like growing a plant, they don’t just grow overnight… you have to care for it and maintain it. When you are active in social media, the public sees that and appreciates it. Customers also love when you show your true colors. Shoppers are more likely to trust someone who is open and passionate about their business. Try it, you’ll see the difference!

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XOXO, Lidy

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