DIY Geometric Side Table

For the past couple years, we’ve had this wood side table that’s just a little too boring for my taste! It’s been an eye sore long enough and so I decided to give this little guy new purpose and meaning. Alas, our Geometric Side Table!

DIY Geometric Side Table

DIY Geometric Side Table


Thrifted Side Table

Contact Paper


DIY Geometric Side Table


1. Clean the surface of your side table 2. Measure and cut your contact paper accordingly. 3. Carefully apply the contact paper to your side table surface. 4. Repeat until all sides are complete!

DIY Geometric Side Table

Contact paper is such an easy and affordable way to revamp furniture pieces. It’s also equally as easy to remove if you grow tired of the color or layout! The geometric design is the perfect way to give our side table that new and fresh look! 

DIY Geometric Side Table

Are you fans of contact paper or do you just go straight to paint?!

XOXO, Lidy

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