Not too long ago, my husband and I found this wonderful wooden rocking chair at the Goodwill clearance center for $3.00. It was hard to pass up. We thought we would repurpose it and sell it when we had our store, Vintage Peach, but never did. We ended up closing down our cute little shop for now, until life slows down a bit (I’m hoping to get my store up and running online sometime in the near future)! For months the rocking chair has been sitting in our garage, waiting to be re-found. After months of waiting, the chair has finally made it’s way back into our home and into the nursery! 


This is such an easy DIY project for anyone and one of my favorite things to do: taking old and forgotten pieces of furniture and repurposing them for the home! If you ever see a unique chair that has a hideous seat, don’t fret!  Remove the icky material and replace the old material with something new and fresh! It’s as easy as replacing the base with firm foam, covering the seat with new material and stapling it to the bottom of the seat so it doesn’t budge. It’s super easy! This is almost exactly what we did with the chair, however, it was missing the seat entirely (a little more work, but still pretty straight forward)! My handy husband cut a rectangle out of plywood and then we did the rest! We debated about repainting the chair a fun color, but we decided to keep the original wood and just cover the seat with a vintage blanket we also found at the Goodwill clearance center. We chose the vintage blanket because it’s unique and you don’t see it being used as a seat cover too often. Even though the wood on the chair isn’t in perfect condition, we love the character.  I am happy with the end product and can’t wait to have many special moments on our new and improved rocking chair!

What kind of things have you repurposed for your home? Have any unique pieces kicking around, but not sure what to do with it? I would be glad to help!

XOXO, Lidy 

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