St. Patrick's Day Triangle Garland

The other day, I shared some super easy and modern St. Patrick’s Day Geometric Vases! Using the same supplies, you can create a fun triangle garland to help add just a little more pop of green, but still keeping that modern touch! 

St. Patrick's Day Triangle Garland

What you will need:

Paint chips (Again, they are free!)

Triangle paper puncher (you could also just use scissors)




What to Do:

1. Punch your triangles out with your triangle paper puncher 2. Take your  triangles and tape the twine to the back! 3.Hang it up and enjoy! SOOO easy! 

St. Patrick's Day Triangle Garland

You can make this as long or short as you would like! I wanted mine to dress up our gallery wall of family pictures, so I only needed a few triangles. I would love to make a long one to drape across the living room wall, so I might have to pick up a few more paint chips! 

St. Patrick's Day Triangle Garland

I love the subtle hints of green to make it feel festive enough for St. Patrick’s Day, but not too over the top! Plus, this is something I might even consider keeping out year round, along with the vases! The color combo is that perfect pop for a neutral room. 

St. Patrick's Day Triangle Garland

How do you feel about adding a St. Patrick’s Day triangle garland to make things a little more festive in your house?

XOXO, Lidy

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