Well my friends, it’s been a while. Life has been so crazy in the adoption department. We’ve had a few court hearings the last couple months, some I didn’t feel much like talking about. If I am to be honest. Then, this month something crazy happened. 

I let go. 

I decided whatever was meant to be would be. It felt impossible to get there, but I did. And then something miraculous happened! After almost a year in the adoption process with our two oldest, the parents rights were terminated and we were officially moving forward. 


Moving forward. What does that even look like? What does that feel like?

It feels like a weight had been lifted! I allowed myself to feel again. There is still that little twang of fear of the unknown. Especially since our little baby (brother to our oldest two) is so early in the process. He could very well (high probability) be going back to his birth mom. But I look at how far we’ve come and I know that everything will work out. It did for our first two, it will for our sweet baby boy. 


And IF we lose him. IF we have to let him go, we have loved him hard! We enjoy every second having him in our arms. Hearing his laughter from the other room. Watching his face light up and that grin grow as we speak to him. He is such a blessing. They all are! But we hold on to hope. We stand strong in faith. We love unconditionally. Even when we are still unsure. 

For now, they continue to bond with one another and with us. They are so smart and loving. I am amazed by them. I look forward to days to come as we continue to make memories and grow together. 


I am so thankful to have these babies! I am so blessed that we chose to adopt. I can’t imagine not having these little ones in my life. Can. Not. Imagine. 

XOXO, Lidy

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