Travel day

Travel day

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I woke up SO early this morning! 3:45am to be exact! My poor husband drove me to the bus and I took a 3 hour ride to LAX. I am so excited for my quick little trip to see my family, but most of all the birthday girl! This year, my mom turns 50 which is such a fabulous age. She is radiant, happy, healthy and beautiful as ever.

ALSO, if you are in the LA area tonight….be sure to check out CCOC (Creative Connection Orange County)! Once a month these gals meet with fellow bloggers, photographers, event planners, designers, bakers, writers and a WHOLE lot more! They network together, support one another and most importantly build new friendships with one another! Once again, I wish I could be there to finally meet some of these ladies face to face, but one day it will happen! Hope you girls have fun!! For more information on this event, click HERE. Hurry, time is running out to purchase tickets! 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Feel free to comment anytime…I would love to hear from you! 

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Any plans to come by Vancouver?

    I wish we had blogger meetups like those here. I haven’t heard of any. yet. It’s so much fun to network and connect with other bloggers and making new friends!

    Hope you have a great trip! & Happy Birthday to your mom! =)

    • Hey Joanne! I will actually be in Victoria this summer for a wedding, but you never know. Perhaps we could get a small group of gals together and meet up! Dene from is from Vancouver as well, so you never know! The thing is, once you connect with other bloggers and you learn more about one another you will quickly realize how many are in your area. You can easily start a small group and meet once a month….you might be the first to do it and Vancouver would be a great city for that. Just planting a small seed for later :)

      Thanks so much for stopping in! I am now a follower on your blog as well, let’s keep in touch!


  • Hey Lidy! I met you in Blogging 101 but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to take a peek at your blog. It’s so cute, I love it! I’m from Canada too…Vancouver to be exact. Happy travels :)

    Dene {}

    • Hey Dene! Yes, I did read that you were from Vancouver! Most of my family lives on the island, so I am there a lot! I use to live in Alberta, but I moved to California once I got married. We plan to move back to Canada one day, but for now we are enjoying the sunshine and the mild winters! I love your cute blog and hope to collaborate soon :)


  • Andrea Shepherd

    I love the print. It’s super cute. I mean I like it a lot. Could you make one for me with Albania and California. We should brain storm this idea. Hope the birthday party turns out well and that your mom enjoys her special day. Can’t wait to hear all about it once I’m home!

    • Aw, you are so sweet! Of course I can, I would be so happy to :)


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