Valentine's Bleached Banner

A banner is a nice way of making a big (or little) statement on the wall! Well, that’s how I feel! You can put whatever message or reminder and it’s instantly effective! Especially for Valentine’s!

Valentine's Bleached Banner

What you will need:

Felt (in any color with sticky back)





Paint brush

Household bleach

Small container

Paper straws (mine are from Target)

Valentine's Bleached Banner

What to do:


1. Gather your supplies 2. Cut the shapes for the top and bottom of the arrow 3. Flatten the top of the straw 4. Remove the paper from the back of your first triangle and stick one side to the top of the straw 5. Repeat with the second triangle and line up evenly with the first triangle 6. Make slits to create the look of a faux feather 7. Remove a portion of the paper back and stick to the straw 8. Repeat! 

Valentine's Bleached Banner


1. Gather your supplies for the banner 2. Use your chalk to create an outline of the design you want your banner to appear as 3. Take your scissors and cut according to your chalk guide 4. Take your chalk and create the message you want on your banner. Once you are happy with the layout, follow your chalk guide with your bleached dipped paint brush (be sure to give it time to dry in between coats so you can tell how much bleach was applied) 5. Take your twine and wrap it around each end of the dowl. Tie it off to keep from unravelling 6. Make two small incisions at the top of your banner and slide your arrow through. On the back of your banner, remove a portion of the paper (about an inch from the top) to allow your felt to stick to the dowel. Secure it by rubbing firmly.

Valentine's Bleached Banner

I chose “Me and You”  as a reminder to take the time to not focus on the craziness that children bring into the picture or jobs and motherhood. In a world of chaos, it’s hard to make time for each other. Things take over and before you know it, the day is gone and we haven’t even had the chance to really relax and talk with one another. Valentine’s day is suppose to be this magical, romantic holiday. But for us, it’s just another day where we are trying to survive. And if we are lucky, we might be able to escape for a couple hours, grab a real meal and ask each other how our day was! 

How about you, any big plans?!

XOXO, Lidy

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