As you all know by now, my husband and I are fostering to adopt. Still waiting patiently, but growing ever so excited as we get closer and closer! We didn’t expect to become parents of a 3, 2 and 1 year old instantly, but it has been the most amazing journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

Of course, it comes with challenges. Deep issues, which I am not free to speak of. But also little things, like not being as prepared as I imagined I would be, had we had time to properly prepare their little rooms! The sad reality is, a lot of foster kids come with nothing. I mean nothing. Others come with toys that they have had since birth, dirty and no longer age appropriate. And you can’t rip them of their only belongings because a lot of times, it’s not just some dirty toy or blanket. It’s the only constant in their life or memory of somebody they love dearly. 

When we first brought home our two oldest, we had one room ready to go. We were prepared for a baby, so the room had a crib all set up, a change table, burp cloths, bottles, pacifiers, mobiles, baby toys and other essentials. I just didn’t think we would skip that whole infant stage and go straight into the toddler craziness! I found myself packing away all the baby stuff, using the change table to pile stuff on. Corners of the room became storage spaces, full of things I didn’t know whether to keep or give away. The room became a mess! 

Now that it’s been almost two years (having their baby brother placed since then) you can imagine the change. We’ve made due and it’s a safe place for them to rest their heads. But like any proud parent, their bedrooms just aren’t what I wish they could be. I can’t wait to start from scratch and get rid of all the odds and ends. The pieces that don’t fit. 

I started with my daughter’s room, since hers is pretty easy. She doesn’t share, like her brothers, so it’s more straight forward! I’ve made an inspiration board, mostly pieces from The Land of Nod. If you didn’t know they have some AMAZING pieces for kids, which can carry on into adulthood (I know I would love to steal some of her things if she didn’t want them)! If I had all the money in the world I would start from scratch in each room and do a full makeover! I’ve picked some of my current favorites, although they are constantly adding new products so I will probably have to add some more lovelies at a later time! 

Violet's Room

Floral Prints / Black and White Prints / Lamps / Wooden Dolls / Plant / Dresser

Rug / Bed / Pillows / Decal / Bed Side Table / Clip On Lamp / Dish

Chair / Pillow / Bedding / Toy Bin / Dolls

What kind of vibe do you get from all these pieces? She is bound to feel like a very special princess! Be sure to stay tuned! I’ve done a mini makeover in her bedroom on a budget and I can’t wait to show you!  

XOXO, Lidy

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