Whoa What a Week

It’s been really quiet around here this week, I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I can’t tell you how busy things have been lately! It’s a good busy, but boy am I feeling it these past few days. I have so many really exciting things going on and so I decided I would share a few of them with you so you know why I’ve been so absent lately! Hope you don’t mind…

1. I’ve had a lot of fun opportunities working on television lately! You can see them here and here. Although, I was TOTALLY freaked out both times – being on live TV is so much harder than it looks. I designed the last Glamping show and another one coming up in the next month. It’s like a dream job!

2.  I have TWO workshops coming up the first weekend in May with Market Collective! I am SO excited and cannot wait to meet and mingle with other creative folks. I’ll share more information soon and if you’re local, you should totally come!

3.  I’m working on another design project with Dote Magazine for Issue Three! It’s going to be a fun one, which I can’t share until it’s in print of course. I am learning to be very patient these days! 

4. I’ve been working with a lot of really amazing brands on some really fabulous projects that are still on the down low, but soon and very soon, I’ll be able to spill the beans. You’ve probably seen a few sneak peeks on Instragram because, well, I just can’t help myself!

5. I had my first design consultation this week. I’ll be designing a living room and kitchen space…from scratch! I get to see the space next week and get a good feel for what my client is looking for. From there, we get to shop and find pieces that will suit her style and space! I’lll definitely be sharing some before and after pictures. It’s going to be ah-mazing! 

6. Lastly, I’ve been trying to keep up with stuff around the house and with the kids. It’s  a miracle things haven’t fallen apart in this category. Well, maybe they have just a bit! The kids have been exceptionally busy lately. Just yesterday Violet was “blowing the grass” with a long plastic tube from a t-ball set and managed to lose her balance and stab the back of her throat. It was both gross and horrifying! But after a quick trip to the doctors all is well again. This is my life. But when you’re this busy, you make EVERY moment count when you’re with family. Even if it’s trips to urgent care! They really keep me grounded during those moments I lose focus on what counts at the end of the day. 

Well, I feel better just getting that all off my chest! I love all these amazing opportunities that I’ve been given lately, but I do look forward to when it slows down just a bit. Perhaps I can get my groove back and post a little more regularly again. How are you all doing?! 

XOXO, Lidy

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