Back in Canada, the ground is covered in thick white snow. You can see the clouds of white from the chimneys and get that burn in your lungs as you breath it in for the first time. This was my life up to five years ago.  

Now that we have kids, it feels a bit different. I so badly want my little ones to experience a real winter. What it means to get bundled up in thick layers of knitted sweaters and wool socks. To play outside and watch your cheeks turn rosy pink from the cold. To listen to the crunching of the snow under those clunky winter boots.

I remember as a little girl, our family would pile in the car and head to the lake to go skating. My dad would pull us on a sled across the ice as fast as he could go. I was laughing the entire time, it was so fun! Afterward, my feet would be so frozen. I had to put them in a warm bath and they would tingle so bad it drove me mad! It felt like a million biting ants, it was so itchy! Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Oh, but it was worth it! And the hot chocolate! You have to have a cup straight away, or it wouldn’t seem right. 

I am so thankful that I have these kinds of things to look forward to. I am happy that our first winter will be spent with them. They have touched our lives in so many ways. Although it’s only been three months, it feels like they’ve been a part of our family forever. How can such tiny little people make such a huge impact on your life?

This winter for the first time there will be no snow, thick wool socks or skating. Instead, there will be new memories. Their memories. Just like the ones I have thinking about this time of year. I hope our children grow up with a wonderful memory of this upcoming season. One that they will look back upon feeling grateful and full of joy! What a blessed childhood we had, I can’t wait to pour that onto them this winter season!  

XOXO, Lidy

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