DIY Miniature Trees

My husband found these amazing vintage camping aluminum cups for 50 cents each, which we used for the half birthday. I loved the look so much, I decided to create a fun DIY so I could have an excuse to keep them around a little longer!

You will need real or fake pine branches. I got mine at the craft store for $1.50 each. They were cheap and looked real enough for me! Plus, I can reuse them year after year! You will also need floral foam, soil  and some sort of vase or other fun container to display your miniature tree in! Keep your eyes open for those fun vintage finds!

Cut your floral foam so it fits snug on the bottom of your cup or vase. Cover the foam with your soil until it is almost to the top. Arrange your pine branches whichever way you please and secure them by placing them firmly in the foam.

This is another one of those easy and cheap DIYs. I love how they turned out – they look great on our coffee table! These would be fabulous as a centerpiece on any table during this holiday season! You can also switch out your arrangement by using flowers or other green elements according to the season. The vintage camping cups are such a fun way to display greenery!

What do you think of these miniature trees? Would you display them in vintage aluminum camping cups?

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