DIY Geometric Silhouette Art

So, I found these intriguing mini silhouettes at the craft store a while ago. I have this habit of getting things for no particular reason, which can be a little impulsive – do I have a problem? I mostly stare at my ongoing collection of craft supplies, until one day I can finally use them for something fun! It’s a bad habit, but it always results in quirky art for my home!

I put together a modern piece for my bedside table. I simply collected a few silhouettes and used a sharpie to create a fun abstract design. It has a very geometric feel! Once I was done my designs, I placed some scotch tape on the back of each one and placed them on a clean, white backdrop. I placed it in a frame I had kicking around and just like that, done!

I’m playing around with the placement of my new art. I thought having the art leaning on the wall with layers of other elements might be fun. I’ve mixed different textures, colors and layers. I like the idea of something neutral, to keep a clean and crisp look. The different metals from my “D” and the cast iron camel lock play off each other nicely.

I also like it paired with some pops of color. The red dala horse really stands out and goes nicely with my geometric art. Black and white is always a fantastic contrast and can go with practically any surrounding colors, which I like to work with!

Which placement do you prefer?!

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