Basket Planter


The other day, I found some super cute baskets at Target, much like this. I grabbed a couple and brought them home to use for the kids laundry hampers. But I just loved the black and white combo so much, I didn’t just want them hiding in their rooms. I decided to repurpose my basket and use it as a cute planter!

It was such an easy transition! I didn’t even have to take my plant out of the old planter, I just sat it in the basket and it instantly got revamped! It’s a great way to change up patterns and colors in a non-fuss way!

Luckily, the basket is waterproof, so I can keep the plant in while watering it. I don’t have to worry about messes, since it’s easy to wipe down. Not to mention, the handles make it super easy to transport if I want to place the plant in another area of the home!

If I get tired of the color combo or pattern, I can always switch it back to my previous planter. Or use it as a laundry basket again! For now, I’m having some fun using it as a non-traditional planter!

What do you think? Is this just too weird?

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