22 Best DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas | Fake Fireplace Design Ideas

Transform your space into a warm and inviting haven with these DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas without the hassle and expense of a real one!

Bring the sense of warmth and comfort of a real fireplace to your home with these DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas. These cost-effective projects are easy-to-complete over a weekend and will instantly elevate the look and feel of your living space.

Here are some beautiful living room ideas

DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas

1. DIY Faux Fireplace MantelDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 1

Add a faux fireplace mantel in your living room to instantly amp up the cozy factor. Learn how to build one using this beginner-friendly tutorial.

2. Fake Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 2

Fill your living space with farmhouse vibes by creating this faux fireplace. Hop to this detailed article for more info.

3. Cute Tiled Faux FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 3

Recreate this wonderful fake fireplace to give your bland living room an eye-catching focal point. The DIY is here.

4. DIY Vintage Faux FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 4

If you love vintage stuff, this faux fireplace will steal your heart. Make one with this tutorial and spice up your home decor.

5. Tiny Fake Fireplace for Bedroom

DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 5

Are you dreaming about a fireplace in your bedroom? Turn it into a sweet reality by checking out this article.

6. All White Faux Fireplace IdeaDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 6

Here‘s how to make a fake fireplace with a hearth that gives your room a cozy look while being completely removable. It’s one of the best DIY faux fireplace ideas.

7. DIY Fake Brick Fireplace

DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 7

Gather boards, a fake brick panel, white paint, drywall mud, screws, wood glue, and putty to imitate this fantastic fireplace.

8. Faux Shiplap Fireplace IdeaDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 8

Elegant and ideal for decorative purposes, this fireplace has an entertainment center as well.

9. Reclaimed Wood Chevron Insert Faux FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 9

Would you like to add instant character and texture to your living room? Putting together this DIY fake fireplace is a simple and affordable way to do so.

10. Vintage Headboard To Craftsman Style Faux FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 10

In this article, the DIYer repurposes a mid-century modern headboard with sliding doors into a gorgeous craftsman-style faux fireplace.

11. DIY Arched Fake FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 11

Here‘s another one of the great DIY faux fireplace ideas you can take inspiration from to create an eye-grabbing masterpiece.

12. Portable Free Standing Faux Fireplace IdeaDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 12

Perfect for homeowners and renters alike, this fake fireplace is easy to customize. Even though an electrical log insert is used, this build is only for decorative purposes only.

13. Easy Fake FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 13

Prettify your monotonous bedroom decor with a faux fireplace like this. It’s one of the best fake fireplace ideas.

14. DIY Movable FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 14

This fireplace is movable and can also be set up in different ways – either with an electric fireplace insert or an electrical log insert.

15. Green Fake Fireplace IdeaDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 15

Those who dreamt of having a real fireplace and mantel must check out this faux one.

16. Washi Tape FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 16

Struggling to find a spot to display your stockings without a traditional fireplace? No problem! Create a faux one with washi tape.

17. DIY Cardboard Fake FireplaceDIY Faux Fireplace Ideas 17

You only need a large cardboard box, a box cutter, scissors, tape, hot glue, brown wrapping paper, and a sharpie to build a fireplace.

18. Holiday Themed Cardboard FireplaceHoliday Themed Cardboard Fireplace

Save those TV boxes from Black Friday and turn them into a charming fireplace for Christmas. Read more here.

19. Renter-Friendly Tiled Faux Fireplace

Renter-Friendly Tiled Fireplace

Beautiful and renter-friendly, this faux fireplace looks realistic and elegant with tiles. Learn more about this build here.

20. Faux DIY Corner FireplaceCorner Fireplace

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to construct a fake fireplace in the corner with German schmear brick treatment.

21. DIY Faux Fireplace From Ikea Kitchen CabinetsFireplace From Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Missing a fireplace in your home? No worries, you can make a faux one with this Ikea hack.

22. DIY Simple Faux Fireplace

Simple fireplace

Build this simple faux fireplace to get a decor-worthy statement-making specimen for the living room.

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