8 Awesome Big Flower Earring Ideas

Check out this curated collection of Big Flower Earring Ideas and add a dramatic flair to your daily wear!

Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or just want to add a fun touch to your everyday look, these Big Flower Earring Ideas are a must-try.

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Big Flower Earring Ideas

1. Orchids Resin Earrings

Big Flower Earring Ideas 1

Show off your crafting skills by making these beautiful orchid resin earrings. Take inspiration from this helpful YouTube tutorial.

2. DIY Macramé Flower Earrings

Spice up your overall look with these flower-themed big earrings. They are easy to make with a few supplies and macrame skills. Get the instructions in this tutorial.

3. DIY Faux Flower Earrings

Big Flower Earring Ideas 3

In this 5-minute video tutorial, Angelina Tongbram crafts eye-grabbing floral earrings with white faux flowers and metal hoops. It’s a beginner and budget-friendly project.

4. Polymer Clay Pansy Earrings


Crafted from clay, these artisanal pansy earrings are stunning statement pieces. You only need polymer clay, hooks, and paint to make these ornaments on your own.

5. DIY Crochet Big Flower Earrings

Big Flower Earring 5

Ideal for both casual and formal occasions, these striking flower-shaped earrings make a bold fashion statement. Hop to this post for detailed instructions.

6. DIY Heishi Beads Big Flower Earrings

Gather ice pick, pinch bails, polymer clay beads, iron spacer beads, copper jewelry wire, and pearls for this project. This handmade ornament can go well with any attire.

7. DIY Sunflower Beaded Earrings

Big Flower Earring 7

Want to add a unique and personal touch to your jewelry collection? These sunflower-shaped beaded earrings might be for you. Check out the instructions here.

8. Huichol Flower Earrings Idea

Featuring intricate beadwork, these Huichol flower earrings are ideal for adding an artisanal charm to any outfit. Hop to this tutorial for the list of supplies and instructions.

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