Top 35 Birds That Start With D

Get ready to be amazed by Birds That Start With D. From the Dessert Sparrow to the Dusky Grouse, explore the world of avian wonders below!

Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts often seek out new species to observe and admire. In this article, you’ll learn about the captivating array of Birds That Start With the Letter D.

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Birds That Start With D

1. Double-crested Cormorant

Birds That Start With D 1

Scientific Name: Phalacrocorax auritus

Recognizable by its black plumage and yellow-orange throat pouch, the double-crested cormorant excels in fishing. This bird is often perched on rocks when not in the water.

2. Downy Woodpecker

Birds That Start With D 2

Scientific Name: Picoides pubescens

Sporting black wings speckled with white, the downy woodpecker makes its presence known by tapping tree trunks and branches. It’s a skillful forager, uncovering insects hiding under the bark.

3. Dunlin

Birds That Start With D 3

Scientific Name: Calidris alpina

With a curved beak ideal for probing mudflats, dunlins live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. During migration, these arctic birds that start with ‘d’ create impressive flocks, often numbering in the thousands.

4. Dusky Grouse

Birds That Start With D 4

Scientific Name: Dendragapus obscurus

This bird inhabits the dense forests of the Rocky Mountains. With its colorful plumage, the dusky grouse is a captivating avian wonder among the birds that start with d.

5. Dark-eyed Junco

Birds That Start With D 5

Scientific Name: Junco hyemalis

The Dark-eyed Junco is a small passerine bird distinctive slate-colored upper body, contrasting with a crisp white belly. Its preference for ground-feeding makes it a common sight in North American backyards.

6. Dickcissel

Birds That Start With D 6

Scientific Name: Spiza americana

Dickcissel’s yellow chest and brown streaks make it a sight to behold. It’s often heard before it is seen, announcing its presence with a distinctive song from tall grassland perches. Native to North and Central America, this avian wonder is found in grasslands, pastures, and open fields during the breeding season.

7. Dalmatian Pelican

Birds That Start With D 7

Scientific Name: Pelecanus crispus

Ranking among the world’s heaviest flying birds, the dalmatian pelican features curly nape feathers and a bill that appears almost flattened. It has an impressive wingspan, often reaching up to 11 feet.

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8. Dovekie

Birds That Start With D 8

Scientific Name: Alle alle

Small yet agile, dovekie is well-suited to Arctic waters. With black upperparts and white chest, it can dive deep underwater for plankton and small fish. This makes it an excellent addition to this list of birds that start with d.

9. Dusky Thrush

Birds That Start With D 9

Scientific Name: Turdus eunomus

Inhabiting East Asian forests and gardens, the dusky thrush features brown and cream-hued plumage. This bird visits warmer parts of Southeast Asia during winter.

10. Dotterel

Birds That Start With D 10

Scientific Name: Charadrius morinellus

With its distinct rusty orange belly and yellow legs, the dotterel frequents high-altitude pastures and Arctic tundra. This sociable bird has a unique whistling call that makes it easily recognizable.

11. Demoiselle Crane

Birds That Start With D 11

Scientific Name: Anthropoides virgo

Slender and elegant, this crane species features long white tufts framing its eyes, adding to its distinctive appearance. As the temperatures drop, large flocks take to the skies, flying south to wintering grounds in Africa.

12. Diamond Dove

Birds That Start With D 12

Scientific Name: Geopelia cuneata

Hailing from Australia, this petite bird displays white specks on its dark wings. It mostly inhabits dry, open areas and feeds on seeds and small insects.

13. Dusky-capped Flycatcher

Birds That Start With D 13

Scientific Name: Myiarchus tuberculifer

With its brownish head and rufous tail, this bird often darts out of trees to catch airborne insects. It also enjoys a diet of fruits when available.

14. Dark-backed Sibia

Birds That Start With D 14

Scientific Name: Heterophasia melanoleuca

This bird’s striking black and white plumage is a common sight in the forests of the Himalayas. The dark-backed sibia is known for its melodious songs among the birds that start with D.

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15. Dwarf Fruit Dove

Birds That Start With D 15

Scientific Name: Ptilinopus nainus

Common in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, this eye-catching bird showcases green feathers and a purple patch on the belly. Its diet primarily consists of fruits and berries.

16. Desert Finch

Desert Finch

Scientific Name: Rhodospiza obsoleta

Displaying a streaked brown appearance, the dessert finch is a bird that first letter starts with ‘d.’ This bird inhabits arid regions from the Middle East to Central Asia. Seeds are the primary food of this bird, but it also forages for small insects.

17. Daurian Starling

Daurian Starling

Scientific Name: Agropsar sturninus

With glossy black plumage and yellow eyes, this starling species is native to East Asia. It often forms large flocks, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

18. Dunock


Scientific Name: Prunella modularis

Adept at foraging under bushes and shrubs, this bird’s brown plumage provides excellent camouflage. Insects and seeds make up the bulk of its diet.

19. Double-striped Thick-knee

Double-striped Thick-knee

Scientific Name: Burhinus bistriatus

Inhabiting grasslands and savannas, this bird’s unique plumage makes it an eye-grabbing avian wonder. It loves insects and small invertebrates.

20. Dusky Lark

Dusky Lark

Scientific Name: Pinarocorys nigricans

This avian wonder prefers the dry savannahs of East Africa. It exhibits a mottled brown plumage that aids in camouflage. Seeds and insects make up most of its diet.

21. Damara Tern

Damara Tern


Scientific Name: Sternula balaenarum

With a prominent white forehead and dark bill, this seabird dives to catch small fish. It lives in coastal regions of southern Africa and Madagascar.

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22. Diademed Sandpiper-Plover

Diademed Sandpiper-Plover

Scientific Name: Phegornis mitchellii

Found in high-altitude Andean plateaus, this rare bird exhibits an eye-catching plumage. It’s particularly skilled at foraging for invertebrates in shallow waters.

23. David’s Fulvetta

David's Fulvetta

Scientific Name: Alcippe davidi

With shades of brown and a conspicuous eye-ring, this bird resides in the subtropical forests of China and Vietnam. It survives on a diet of seeds and insects throughout the year.

24. Dybowski’s Twinspot

Dybowski's Twinspot

Scientific Name: Euschistospiza dybowskii

Hailing from central Africa, this vibrant bird shows stunning, colorful plumage with white spots. It generally forages in grasslands and forest edges.

25. Desert Wheatear

Desert Wheatear

Scientific Name: Oenanthe deserti

Showcasing a mix of brown and white feathers, this bird is a common sight in desert and semi-desert regions. It often perches on small mounds or rocks for insects.

26. Dark Chanting Goshawk

Dark Chanting Goshawk

Scientific Name: Melierax metabates

A predatory bird with grayish plumage, this bird often takes high perches in search of prey. Its diet is diverse, including everything from small mammals to snakes.

27. Daurian Redstart
Daurian Redstart

Scientific Name: Phoenicurus auroreus

With a distinct orange belly and gray head, this bird is an East Asian native. Its vibrant plumage and melodious song make it a delightful addition among the birds that start with D.

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28. Dwarf Bittern

Dwarf Bittern

Scientific Name: Ixobrychus sturmii

This small heron is well-adapted to life among reed beds and marshes of Sub-Saharan Africa. The dwarf bittern needs fish and insects to survive in the wetland habitat.

29. Dusky Moorhen

Dusky Moorhen

Scientific Name: Gallinula tenebrosa

Native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia, the dusky moorhen has dark black plumage. Primarily found in freshwater habitats, this bird feeds on plant matter and small aquatic animals.

30. Dark-throated Oriole

Dark-throated Oriole

Scientific Name: Oriolus xanthonotus

With a distinctive yellow body and a dark throat, this bird is a common sight in the forests of Southeast Asia. Its melodious song resonates through the treetops.

31. Dusky Bush-Tanager

Dusky Bush-Tanager

Scientific Name: Chlorospingus semifuscus

This bird’s plumage features olive and gray shades. It’s often found in the highlands of Central and South America. This bird feeds on a variety of fruits and insects.

32. Dusky-capped Greenlet

Dusky-capped Greenlet

Scientific Name: Pachysylvia hypoxantha

In the lowland forests of Central America, this bird is recognized by its dusky cap and yellow underparts. The dusky-capped greenlet often creates mixed-species flocks while foraging.

33. Dwarf Cassowary

Dwarf Cassowary

Scientific Name: Casuarius bennetti

This guinea native bird is the smallest of the cassowary species. Its vibrant blue neck and casque make it distinctive in its rainforest habitat.

34. Dark-eyed Junco

Dark-eyed Junco

Scientific Name: Junco hyemalis oreganus

A common sight in western United States backyards, this junco subspecies shows a contrasting dark hood and lighter belly. It scavenges for food, mainly on the ground.

35. Dessert Sparrow

Dessert Sparrow

Scientific Name: Passer simplex

With its streaked brown feathers, the dessert sparrow finds comfort in the arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula. A diet of seeds helps this bird survive in such harsh conditions.

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