35 Awesome Birds That Start With H

From common to rare, this list of Birds That Start with H reveals traits and behaviors that set each species apart!

For those with a keen eye and an affinity for feathered friends, “Birds That Start With H” is the perfect resource. This guide gives an in-depth look at these intriguing avians, from common backyard guests to rare and exotic species.

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Birds That Start With H

1. House Sparrow

Birds That Start With H 1

Scientific Name- Passer domesticus

House sparrows are small birds commonly found in urban environments. They are recognized for their stout body and simple plumage. These birds that start with H are highly adaptable and often forage for scraps.

2. Harris’s HawkBirds That Start With H 2

Scientific Name- Parabuteo unicinctus

Renowned for its hunting tactics, Harris’s hawk is predominantly found in the southwestern United States. It sports distinct reddish-brown plumage and hunts in family groups.

3. Hooded MerganserBirds That Start With H 3

Scientific Name- Lophodytes cucullatus

This diving duck is identifiable by its striking hooded crest. Native to North America, hooded merganser prefers freshwater habitats and feeds on small aquatic creatures.

4. Hermit ThrushBirds That Start With H 4

Scientific Name- Catharus guttatus

A modest bird with a complex song, the Hermit Thrush inhabits woodland areas. It possesses a reddish-brown back and a pale underbelly, setting it apart from similar species.

5. House Finch

Birds That Start With H 5

Scientific Name- Haemorhous mexicanus

Prolific in North America, the House Finch thrives in urban landscapes. Males are recognizable by their bright red heads and throats, contrasting their brown bodies.

6. HoopoeBirds That Start With H 6

Scientific Name- Upupa epops

Highlighted by a fan-like crest and long, slender bill, the Hoopoe is endemic to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its appearance makes this avian wonder a notable mention among these birds that starts with H.

7. Horned GrebeBirds That Start With H 7

Scientific Name- Podiceps auritus

The horned grebe is a freshwater diver with red eyes and distinct tufts on the sides of its head. This creature breeds in North America and Eurasia.

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8. Herring Gull

Birds That Start With H 8

Scientific Name- Larus argentatus

The herring gull features a white and gray plumage. A common sight in coastal areas, this bird enjoys a diet of fish, invertebrates, and scavenged food.

9. Harlequin Duck

Birds That Start With H 9

Scientific Name- Histrionicus histrionicus

Native to North America, this sea duck is recognized for its vivid, contrasting plumage. It often breeds near fast-flowing streams and rivers.

10. Hairy Woodpecker

Birds That Start With H 10

Scientific Name- Picoides villosus

This North American woodpecker sports a black and white feather pattern and a red patch on the head. It feeds on insects like hairy caterpillars, gypsy moths, ants, grasshoppers, and wood-boring beetles.

11. Hammond’s FlycatcherBirds That Start With H 11

Scientific Name- Empidonax hammondii

A migratory bird that prefers coniferous forests, Hammond’s flycatcher is a small, agile flier. Its primary diet includes a variety of insects.

12. House MartinBirds That Start With H 12

Scientific Name- Delichon urbicum

The House Martin commonly breeds in Europe and Asia. It constructs mud nests among the birds that start with H.

13. Hawfinch

Birds That Start With H 13

Scientific Name- Coccothraustes coccothraustes

Popular for its robust bill capable of cracking hard seeds, the Hawfinch is endemic to Europe and Asia. It flaunts a distinctive brown, black, and white plumage.

14. Hooded WarblerBirds That Start With H 14

Scientific Name- Setophaga citrina

A migratory songbird, the Hooded Warbler breeds in the eastern United States. Males have a bright yellow face and body, with a striking black hood and bib.

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15. Hawaiian PetrelBirds That Start With H 15

Scientific Name- Pterodroma sandwichensis

Endemic to Hawaii, this seabird is a proficient glider among the birds that start with the letter H. This flying creature is most active at night and feeds primarily on small fish.

16. Hill MynaBirds That Start With H 16

Scientific Name- Gracula religiosa

Native to South Asia, the Hill Myna is adored for its ability to mimic human speech. It has glossy black plumage with bright yellow patches on its face and nape.

17. House Wren

Birds That Start With H 17

Scientific Name- Troglodytes aedon

Commonly found in gardens and farmlands, the House Wren is a small, brown bird. It builds its nest in human-made structures like birdhouses.

18. Horned LarkHorned Lark

Scientific Name- Eremophila alpestris

The Horned Lark is recognizable by its tiny “horns” of feathers. Its upper parts are brown, complemented by a yellow face and black markings.

19. HoneyeaterHoneyeater

Scientific Name- Meliphagidae

Native to Australia and surrounding areas, Honeyeaters are named for their preference for nectar. These birds that start with H possess a specialized tongue designed for efficient nectar extraction.

20. Humboldt PenguinHumboldt Penguin

Scientific Name- Spheniscus humboldti

Indigenous to South America, this medium-sized penguin is adapted to cold oceanic waters. It’s distinguished by a horseshoe-shaped white band across its head and down its sides.

21. Hooded Crow

Hooded Crow

Scientific Name- Corvus cornix

Common in northern and eastern Europe, this avian wonder is distinguished by its two-tone plumage. It’s a highly adaptable creature with an omnivorous diet.

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22. Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

Scientific Name- Harpia harpyja

Among the largest eagles, the harpy is found in the rainforests of Central and South America. It’s known for its enormous talons and strong bill, capable of preying on large mammals.

23. Hazel GrouseHazel Grouse

Scientific Name- Bonasa bonasia

This ground-dwelling small, elusive game bird prefers dense, mixed forests. It has mottled brown plumage and feeds on berries and plant material.

24. Hottentot Teal

Hottentot Teal

Scientific Name- Spatula hottentota

Found in sub-Saharan Africa, this small dabbling duck has striking plumage with bluish-grey legs and a blue beak. It frequents shallow water bodies to consume aquatic plants.

25. Hawaiian GooseHawaiian Goose

Scientific Name- Branta sandvicensis

Also known as Nene, this is the world’s rarest goose among the birds that start with H. Hawaiian goose has adapted to volcanic landscapes and shows less webbing on its feet than other geese.

26. Heermann’s GullHeermann's Gull

Scientific Name- Larus heermanni

Found along the west coast of North America, this medium-sized gull is recognized by its slate-gray plumage and red bill. It primarily feeds on fish and crustaceans.

27. Hyacinth MacawHyacinth Macaw

Scientific Name- Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

Endemic to Neotropics, this bird is the largest among all the parrots. It has vivid blue plumage and a strong beak that can break hard-shelled nuts.

28. Hornbill


Scientific Name- Bucerotidae

This bird family is renowned for their large bills and casques. Mostly found in Africa and Asia, they have a varied diet ranging from fruit to small animals.

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29. HwameiHwamei

Scientific Name- Garrulax canorus

Indigenous to East Asia, the Hwamei is a songbird with brown plumage and distinctive white eye-rings. It’s well-known for its melodious song.

30. HeronsHerons

Scientific Name- Ardeidae

Herons are large, water-dwelling birds with long necks and legs. They primarily feed on fish, using their long, sharp bills.

31. Himalayan MonalHimalayan Monal

Scientific Name- Lophophorus impejanus

The national bird of Nepal, this creature is prized for its iridescent plumage. Males display a striking combination of colors, from metallic green to orange and blue.

32. Hume’s Leaf WarblerHume's Leaf Warbler

Scientific Name – Phylloscopus humei

Endemic to the mountainous regions of Asia, this warbler is a small, olive-brown bird. This creature is a migratory species that loves to devour insects and spiders.

33. Hooded OrioleHooded Oriole

Scientific Name – Icterus cucullatus

This oriole displays a combination of vibrant yellow and black plumage. These birds that start with H often migrate in flocks and over-winter near feeders.

34. Himalayan SnowcockHimalayan Snowcock

Scientific Name – Tetraogallus himalayensis

Native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia, this bird is adapted to alpine conditions. It has mottled brown plumage and forages on a variety of plant materials.

35. Hudsonian Godwit

Hudsonian Godwit

Scientific Name – Limosa haemastica

This long-billed, long-legged wader breeds in northern Canada and Alaska. It has a distinctive, two-toned bill and migrates great distances, even reaching as far as South America.

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