30 Stunning Birds That Start With I

Bored of common bird guides? Explore the exotic Birds That Start With I in this article. Perfect for researchers and bird aficionados!

Birds are full of surprises and wonders, and those whose names start with ‘I’ are no exception. If captivated by the avian world, you’ll find these Birds That Start With I particularly intriguing.

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Birds That Start With I

1. Indian Peafowl

Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus

Indian Peafowls are popular for their stunning tail feathers and vibrant blue plumage. Native to South Asia, these birds that start with I are common in forest clearings.

2. Indigo Bunting

Scientific Name: Passerina cyanea

Indigo buntings are small songbirds with striking blue feathers. Found across North America, they thrive in open woodlands and are known for their melodious songs.

3. Ivory Gull

Scientific Name: Pagophila eburnea

The ivory gull is a small, all-white bird that lives in the high Arctic. Scavenges for food on sea ice, this bird is well-adapted to the frigid environment.

4. Inca Tern

Scientific Name: Larosterna inca

The Inca tern has a captivating appearance with its gray plumage and bright orange beak. Endemic to the coasts of Peru and Chile, this avian wonder sports a unique white mustache.

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5. Ibisbill

Scientific Name: Ibidorhyncha struthersii

Ibisbills are found along the rocky rivers of the Himalayas. With a long, downward-curving bill, these birds that start with I feed primarily on aquatic insects.

6. Indian Pitta

Scientific Name: Pitta brachyura

The Indian Pitta is a medium-sized bird native to the Indian subcontinent with colorful plumage. This amazing ground-dweller is common in dense forests, shrublands, and gardens.

7. Isabelline Wheatear

Scientific Name: Oenanthe isabellina

Oenanthe isabellina features gray-brown and pale, buff-colored plumage with dark eyes. Primarily insectivorous, it has an impressive long-distance migration pattern, traveling from Northern Europe and Asia to winter in Africa.

8. Indian Roller

Scientific Name: Coracias benghalensis

Famous for its vivid blue and brown plumage, the Indian Roller perches on high vantage points. It’s considered auspicious in Indian culture among birds that start with I.

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9. Indian Grey Hornbill

Scientific Name: Ocyceros birostris

Indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, Ocyceros birostris is distinguished by its large bill and casque. This omnivorous avian wonder thrives in open woodlands.

10. Icelandic Gull

Scientific Name: Larus glaucoides

A North Atlantic native, the Icelandic Gull is smaller than most gulls and sports a rounded head. It has a diet consisting of fish and marine invertebrates.

11. Indian Cormorant

Scientific Name: Phalacrocorax fuscicollis

Featuring a slender body and long neck, the Indian Cormorant is a waterbird of the Indian subcontinent. It has dark plumage and a distinctive long beak adapted for fishing.

12. Indian Swiftlet

Scientific Name: Aerodramus unicolor

The Indian Swiftlet is a small, cave-dwelling bird primarily found in India and Sri Lanka. It resides in dark, humid environments like caves and tunnels. This bird is famous for producing edible nests and catching insects in mid-air.

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13. Indian Scops Owl

Scientific Name: Otus bakkamoena

A medium-sized, nocturnal creature, the Indian Scops Owl is widespread in South Asia. With intricate feather patterns, it camouflages perfectly against tree trunks. It feeds on insects and small rodents.

14. Indian Golden Oriole

Scientific Name: Oriolus kundoo

With striking yellow and black plumage, the Indian Golden Oriole stands out in its woodland habitats. This bird is primarily a frugivore, feasting on fruits and berries. It’s a migratory species that can cover large distances during seasonal changes.

15. Indian Spot-billed Duck

Scientific Name: Anas poecilorhyncha

The Indian Spot-billed Duck is distinguished by its yellow-tipped bills with black spots. Commonly found across freshwater habitats in South Asia, these ducks have a varied diet that includes aquatic plants and small fish.

16. Indian River Tern

Scientific Name: Sterna aurantia

Endemic to India and Sri Lanka, the elegant Sterna aurantia possesses a sharp beak and agile flight capabilities. These traits make it an effective fisher, often seen diving into water bodies to catch its prey.

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17. Indian Pond Heron

Scientific Name: Ardeola grayii

Common near wetlands and ponds, this bird is excellent at camouflage, blending seamlessly with its surroundings. This allows it to ambush its prey, mainly fish and insects, more effectively.

18. Indian Thick-knee

Scientific Name: Burhinus indicus

Recognized for its large eyes and conspicuous knee joint, this creature is a nocturnal bird. It resides in open habitats like grasslands and scrub forests. This bird mainly consumes insects, small reptiles, and plant matter.

19. Indian Blackbird

Scientific Name: Turdus simillimus

The Indian Blackbird is a songbird known for its melodious calls and adaptable nature. This bird can be found in various environments, from gardens to woodlands. It has an omnivorous diet consisting of fruits and insects.

20. Indian White-eye

Scientific Name: Zosterops palpebrosus

This small, active bird is recognized by its characteristic white eye-ring. This social bird is often found in flocks, feeding on nectar and insects. Among the numerous birds that start with I, this creature is a sight to behold.

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21. Indian Bushlark

Scientific Name: Mirafra erythroptera

The Indian Bushlark is endemic to India and Sri Lanka. It features streaked brown plumage and a distinctive crest. Common in grasslands and open fields, it feeds on insects and seeds.

22. Indian Robin

Scientific Name: Saxicoloides fulicatus

Saxicoloides fulicatus is a small, agile bird notable for its contrasting plumage and lively behavior. Males typically exhibit a black-and-white color scheme, while females have a more subdued, brownish appearance. The bird is adaptable and thrives in open fields and cultivated lands.

23. Indian Silverbill

Scientific Name: Euodice malabarica

The Indian silverbill is a small finch-like bird with pale, white-gray plumage and conical beak. This bird is commonly found in grasslands and agricultural areas where it feeds on seeds. Its subtle beauty and social behavior make this bird a fascinating subject for birdwatchers.

24. Indian Blue Robin

Scientific Name: Larvivora brunnea

Larvivora brunnea is a small, migratory bird popular for its striking blue and orange plumage. The bird’s vibrant color and enchanting song make it a subject of fascination among ornithologists and bird enthusiasts.

25. Indian Nightjar

Scientific Name: Caprimulgus asiaticus

The Indian Nightjar is a nocturnal bird species distinguished by its cryptic plumage that blends well with its natural surroundings. Primarily active at dusk and dawn, this bird is adept at catching flying insects mid-air.

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26. Indian Vulture

Scientific Name: Gyps indicus

Endemic to India and Pakistan, Gyps indicus is a critically endangered species. It has a large wingspan reaching up to 8 feet. The decline in its population is largely attributed to poisoning from livestock medication.

27. Indian Skimmer

Scientific Name: Rynchops albicollis

Rynchops albicollis features a sleek black-and-white body with a bright orange beak. It sports a unique beak where the lower mandible is longer than the upper one. This adaptation aids in its feeding technique of skimming over water surfaces to catch fish.

28. Indian Nuthatch

Scientific Name: Sitta castanea

The Indian Nuthatch is characterized by a strong bill, ideal for cracking seeds and prying insects from tree bark. This bird frequently caches food items in tree crevices for later consumption.

29. Indian Pygmy Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Yungipicus nanus

Sporting a striking black and white plumage, the Indian Pygmy Woodpecker is a frequent sight in Indian subcontinental forests. This small woodpecker specializes in foraging on tree trunks, tapping away to extract insects from the bark.

30. Indian Courser

Scientific Name: Cursorius coromandelicus

Recognizable by its long legs and short bill, the Indian Courser inhabits arid grasslands. This creature loves munching insects, small invertebrates, and plant matter among the birds that start with I.

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