44 Impressive Birds That Start with J

Expand your avian knowledge with this list of Birds That Start with J. Start your birdwatching journey now!

Beyond their visual appeal, Birds That Start With the Letter J exhibits fascinating behaviors that intrigue scientists and casual observers alike. If you love learning about avian wonders, this article is for you.

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Birds That Start with J

1. Japanese Sparrowhawk

Birds That Start with J 1

Scientific Name: Accipiter gularis

Native to East Asia, the Japanese Sparrowhawk is a small to medium-sized bird. It sports a slender body and short wings. As a primarily migratory species, it heads south during the colder months to more temperate climates. This raptor is highly specialized for hunting in dense forests. Its diet mainly consists of smaller birds and rodents. This bird name starting with the letter J diet, consists of smaller birds and rodents.

2. Java Sparrow

Birds That Start with J 2

Scientific Name: Lonchura oryzivora

With its striking dark plumage and pink beak, the java sparrow is a popular choice among bird enthusiasts. This bird is often kept in captivity for its vocal abilities. Lonchura oryzivora gathers in flocks around agricultural areas. Unfortunately, this bird is currently listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

3. Jackdaw

Birds That Start with J 3

Scientific Name: Corvus monedula

This bird, with a light gray nape and piercing eyes, is indigenous from Europe to Asia. One remarkable characteristic of the Jackdaw is its intricate social structure. It creates complex relationships within flocks and even appears to recognize specific individuals. The Jackdaw is also noted for its problem-solving abilities

4. Jabiru

Birds That Start with J 4

Scientific Name: Jabiru mycteria

As one of the tallest flying birds that start with J in its native region, Jabiru is truly a spectacle to behold. It features a striking black-and-white plumage and a massive beak. The Jabiru is mainly found in wetlands and swamps, where it feeds on fish using its large bill. This bird can cover great distances in search of food.

5. Jackson’s HornbillBirds That Start with J 5

Scientific Name: Tockus jacksoni

Found in East Africa, Jackson’s hornbill displays a large, curved bill and striking facial features. This creature is often sighted in semi-arid areas and savannas, where it can often be seen foraging fruits, small animals, and insects. Jackson’s hornbill plays a vital role in seed dispersal, aiding in the propagation of various plant species.

6. Japanese White-eye

Birds That Start with J 6

Scientific Name: Zosterops japonicus

The Japanese White-eye is a small, vibrant bird with attractive white eye-ring and vivid green plumage. It’s a highly adaptive bird that thrives in urban settings by feeding nectar, fruit, and small insects. The Japanese White-eye is an important pollinator, inadvertently transferring pollen while feeding. This species has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to different habitats, making it a subject of ecological studies.

7. Javan Plover

Birds That Start with J 7

Scientific Name: Charadrius javanicus

Exclusive to the Indonesian island of Java, the Javan Plover is a small wader bird that frequents muddy shorelines and tidal areas. It consumes small invertebrates by scouring the mud. Due to ongoing habitat loss and human activity, this bird faces conservation challenges. Among the birds that start with J, this creature has well-camouflaged plumage.

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8. Junin Rail

Birds That Start with J 8

Scientific Name: Laterallus tuerosi

Endemic to Peru, the Junin Rail is a highly elusive species near Lake Junin. It’s a flightless bird sporting a stout body and short legs. It faces considerable conservation challenges due to habitat loss and degradation. This bird feeds on various small creatures and plants using its stout beak.

9. Javan Hawk-Eagle

Birds That Start with J 9

Scientific Name: Nisaetus bartelsi

Native to the forests of the Indonesian island of Java, the Javan Hawk-Eagle is a majestic bird of prey. With feathered legs and striking coloration, it’s a sight to behold. This bird has a keen vision, which it uses to spot prey from a significant distance. It hunts from a concealed perch and dives onto prey with its talons extended.

10. Javan Myna

Birds That Start with J 10

Scientific Name: Acridotheres javanicus

A resident of urban and suburban areas, the Javan Myna has a black body and a yellow bill. Omnivorous by nature, it forages for various foods, ranging from insects to human food scraps. The Javan myna can imitate a series of calls and even human-made noises. Thus, a notable mention in this list of birds that start with J.

11. Japanese Wood Pigeon

Birds That Start with J 11

Scientific Name: Columba janthina

The Japanese Wood Pigeon prefers coastal cliffs and isolated islands in East Asia. With its dark plumage and beak, it’s a bird of considerable visual appeal. It often travels in flocks to find food. While less commonly seen in urban areas, this bird has a penchant for rich, wooded environments.

12. Javan TrogonBirds That Start with J 12

Scientific Name: Apalharpactes reinwardtii

Native to the forests of Java, Indonesia, the Javan Trogon is popular for its vibrant, colorful plumage and red bill. Despite the striking appearance, it’s a shy and elusive creature among birds that start with J. The bird is unfortunately becoming rare due to habitat destruction.

13. Japanese Robin

Birds That Start with J 13

Scientific Name: Larvivora akahige

Japanese robin is admired for its gray and bright orange-hued appearance. Preferring dense forests and shrublands, it feeds on insects and small fruits. Larvivora akahige is a migratory species that travels considerable distances during seasonal changes to optimize foraging and breeding. This bird is recognized for its melodious song, which is a subject of cultural and scientific interest. Its nesting habits is quite fascinating, often choosing hidden spots to lay eggs.

14. Juniper Titmouse

Birds That Start with J 14

Scientific Name: Baeolophus ridgwayi

Native to the western United States, the Juniper Titmouse is a small bird with a pale gray appearance and a unique crest. This bird prefers juniper woodlands and pine-oak forests. It has a varied diet consisting of insects, seeds, and berries. Furthermore, juniper titmouse is a popular cavity-nester in this list of birds that start with J.

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15. Japanese Wagtail

Birds That Start with J 15

Scientific Name: Motacilla grandis

Japanese Wagtail is frequent in Japan, Korea, and parts of Russia. With a white belly and dark upper parts, this bird is commonly seen near rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. It has a unique wagging behavior that it performs while foraging for insects.

16. Jungle Crow

Birds That Start with J 16

Scientific Name: Corvus macrorhynchos

A bird of versatile habitats, Jungle Crows have an all-black appearance and adapt well to rural and urban environments across Asia. Highly intelligent, these birds that start with J exhibit problem-solving behavior. They consume from carrion and garbage to fruits and small animals. These birds have an intricate social structure and often participate in communal roosting.

17. Jamaican Tody

Birds That Start with J 17

Scientific Name: Todus todus

The Jamaican Tody is a captivating bird, endemic to Jamaica, with a vivid green back and a brilliant red throat. This small bird’s primary diet consists of insects and small fruits. It prefers forested habitats, where it can burrow into tree trunks for nesting purposes. Aside from its stunning appearance, the Jamaican Tody has an interesting behavior of hovering before snatching its prey.

18. Japanese Thrush

Japanese Thrush

Scientific Name: Turdus cardis

Native to eastern Asia, particularly Japan, Korea, and eastern China, the Turdus cardis is a remarkable bird with black, white, and gray plumage. This avian wonder loves to munch on insects and berries. Migratory in nature, the Japanese thrush travels seasonally, particularly to breed in cooler regions.

19. Jack Snipe

Jack Snipe

Scientific Name: Lymnocryptes minimus

Jack Snipe is a small, stocky wader bird that prefers marshy grounds and wetlands for its habitat. Noted for a distinctive “bobbing” behavior, it is a well-camouflaged bird that can be hard to spot. This elusive bird’s diet primarily consists of insects and small invertebrates, which it forages using its long bill.

20. Jocotoco Antpitta

Jocotoco Antpitta

Scientific Name: Grallaria ridgelyi

Endemic to the Andes Mountains, the Jocotoco Antpitta is a medium-sized bird with a plump shape and a short tail. This species is considered vulnerable due to its limited distribution and specialized habitat requirements. The bird primarily feeds on insects and small invertebrates, foraging on the forest floor. Despite its terrestrial habits, it has a beautiful, whistling call.

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21. Jerdon’s Baza

Jerdon's Baza

Scientific Name: Aviceda jerdoni

Jerdon’s baza is a moderate-sized bird of South and Southeast Asia. It features an erect white-tipped black crest, longer wings, and feathered legs. This bird eats small mammals, reptiles, and insects. Its distinct vocalizations with sharp whistles make this bird a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

22. Jamaican Oriole

Jamaican Oriole

Scientific Name: Icterus leucopteryx

The Jamaican Oriole is a striking bird with vibrant yellow plumage and contrasting black markings. Primarily feeding on fruits and insects, it inhabits subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. This avian creature captivates bird enthusiasts with its striking coloration and distinctive feeding habits.

23. Jungle Nightjar

Jungle Nightjar

Scientific Name: Caprimulgus indicus

The Jungle Nightjar is a nocturnal bird species famous for its elusive nature and well-camouflaged plumage. It inhabits wooded lands and forests where they roost during the day and hunt at night. This species has a unique call, described as a series of repetitive chirps, which can be heard during the night.

24. Javan Munia

Javan Munia

Scientific Name: Lonchura leucogastroides

Another Indonesian native, the Javan Munia, is a small bird with a brown back and white belly. It’s frequent in grasslands and agricultural areas to feed on grains and seeds. This creature, with attractive, melodious calls, creates large flocks during the breeding season.

25. Japanese Grosbeak

Japanese Grosbeak

Scientific Name: Eophona personata

Characterized by its grey, black, and yellow colored body, this finch is endemic to the East Palearctic. It thrives on seeds, grains, and small insects. This finch species is well-adapted to numerous environments, including open woodlands and mountainous regions.

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26. Java Kingfisher

Java Kingfisher

Scientific Name: Halcyon cyanoventris

Halcyon cyanoventris has a long red beak, dark head, chestnut throat, and purplish body. This bird gives high piping screams, often in series. It lives in forests, agricultural fields, and near water bodies. With its vivid appearance and keen hunting abilities, this bird is a fascinating subject for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

27. Junin Grebe

Junin Grebe

Scientific Name: Podiceps taczanowskii

Endemic to Lake Junin in Peru, this grebe is critically endangered. It showcases black and white plumage with a unique red eye. Aquatic insects and fish are the preferred diet of this bird. Its population is extremely vulnerable to pollution and other environmental changes.

28. Javan Owlet

Javan Owlet

Scientific Name: Glaucidium castanopterum

Glaucidium castanopterum, or Javan Owlet, is a small owl species of Java, Indonesia. Characterized by its brown plumage and expressive facial features, this owl hunts small mammals and insects. This bird is most active during dusk and dawn, using its keen eyesight and acute hearing to locate prey.

29. Jameson’s Firefinch

Jameson's Firefinch

Scientific Name: Lagonosticta rhodopareia

The Jameson’s Firefinch captivates observers with its pinkish feathers and blue-gray bill. It inhabits forest edge, thick woodland, and scrub areas of the Sub-Saharan Africa. The Jameson’s firefinch builds nests in reeds or tall grass. This eye-catching bird is a frequent topic of interest for birdwatchers and experts in ornithology.

30. Jerdon’s Leafbird

Jerdon's Leafbird

Scientific Name: Chloropsis jerdoni

Named after the British naturalist Thomas Jerdon, this bird is famous for its sweet, melodious calls and vibrant green plumage. Native to India and Sri Lanka, it’s a colorful and charismatic bird perched high in the canopy. In addition to fruits and insects, this avian wonder feeds on nectar as well.

31. Jouanin’s Petrel

Jouanin's Petrel

Scientific Name: Bulweria fallax

Jouanin’s petrel is a seabird that captures attention with black feathers and bill. This avian creature is admired for its long, narrow wings, which enable agile flight over open seas. Bulweria fallax is a pelagic species, meaning rarely seen near land unless breeding.

32. Javan Frogmouth

Javan Frogmouth

Scientific Name: Batrachostomus javensis

Batrachostomus javensis is a nocturnal bird species with mottled brown plumage, which provides excellent camouflage against predators. Densely forested areas are the preferred natural habitat of this avian wonder. This bird is popular for its descending whistles, growl, and short, harsh screams.

33. Japanese Quail

Japanese Quail

Scientific Name: Coturnix japonica

The Japanese Quail is native to East Asia but has been introduced to other parts of the world. It’s a small ground-nesting bird that farmed for meat and eggs. Japanese quail primarily feeds on seeds and insects.

34. Juan Fernandez Firecrown

Juan Fernandez Firecrown

Scientific Name: Sephanoides fernandensis

Endemic to Chile’s Juan Fernandez Islands, this hummingbird species is critically endangered, thus a focus of conservation initiatives. This bird exhibits remarkable flight agility, capable of hovering in mid-air to access nectar from native flora.

35. Jungle BabblerJungle Babbler

Scientific Name: Turdoides striata

Native to South Asia, the Jungle Babbler is popular for its communal living and social structure. Among the birds that start with J, this creature is often seen in large groups in gardens and urban areas. Turdoides striata moves in flocks, participating in mutual preening and collective foraging.

36. Jungle PriniaJungle Prinia

Scientific Name: Prinia sylvatica

The Jungle Prinia is famous among birdwatchers for its melodious songs. This bird is commonly found in grasslands and wetlands of the Indian subcontinent. Jungle Prinia is often seen flicking its tail while foraging, a behavior to startle insects into movement.

37. Junin Canastero

Junin Canastero

Scientific Name: Asthenes virgata

Belong to the ovenbird family, Junin Canastero is a beautiful bird endemic to Peru. This creature features brownish plumage with white streaks and a long tail. The bird gets its name “canastero” from the elaborate, basket-like nests it builds. It’s common around the treeline or the edges of polylepis forests.

38. Javan CoucalJavan Coucal

Scientific Name: Centropus nigrorufus

The Javan Coucal is native to the wetlands of Java, Indonesia. This bird has a unique blend of black and rufous feathers with low, repetitive calls, thus a notable mention among birds that start with J. It consumes insects and small vertebrates.

39. Jankowski’s BuntingJankowski's Bunting

Scientific Name: Emberiza jankowskii

A rare and endangered species, Jankowski’s bunting inhabitats in northeastern China and Mongolia. Its plumage combines brown and black, providing excellent camouflage in its natural habitat. Due to agricultural development and habitat degradation, its numbers are dwindling.

40. Jambu Fruit DoveJambu Fruit Dove

Scientific Name: Ptilinopus jambu

Endemic to the forests of Southeast Asia, Jambu Fruit Doves feature colorful, eye-catching plumage, white eye rings, and orange beaks. These birds that start with J prefer to roam across lowland and foothill forests, searching for fruiting trees.

41. Japanese Night Heron

Japanese Night Heron

Scientific Name: Gorsachius goisagi

The Japanese Night Heron is a nocturnal bird species native to Japan and East Asia. It prefers to live in wetlands and near water bodies. The diet of this beautiful bird consists of fish and small invertebrates.

42. Jungle Myna

Jungle Myna

Scientific Name: Acridotheres fuscus

Related to the common myna, the Acridotheres fuscus is endemic to South Asia. This avian creature features a combination of brown and grey plumage. It’s an omnivore that frequently thrives in open woodland and cultivated areas.

43. Jonny BeeJonny Bee

Scientific Name: Spinus notatus

Indigenous to the high-altitude forests of Central America, the Jonny bee has a greenish-yellow plumage and a conical bill. This bird feeds primarily on seeds and shows a strong preference for juniper trees, hence the name.

44. Japanese Cormorant

Japanese Cormorant

Scientific Name: Phalacrocorax capillatus

This seabird is common to the coasts of Japan and the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese Cormorant has glossy black feathers and a long hook-tipped beak. Among the birds that start with J, it’s often spotted near seacoasts and lakes.

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