49 Awesome Birds That Start with M

This exhaustive list of Birds That Start with M covers species from around the globe. A must-read for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts!

Nature is filled with wonders, and birds are some of its most astonishing creations. This list of Birds That Start with M offers a glimpse into the diverse and colorful world of avian wonders, each with unique features. Learn about their habitats, feeding habits, and much more below.

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Birds That Start with M

1. Masked Finfoot

Birds That Start with M 1

Scientific Name: Heliopais personatus

The masked finfoot is an aquatic bird of Southeast Asia. It features a distinctive facial mask and lobed feet, well-suited for swimming. This avian creature consumes aquatic insects, small fish, and amphibians.

2. Mountain BluebirdBirds That Start with M 2

Scientific Name: Sialia currucoides

Indigenous to North America, Mountain Bluebirds displays a striking blue plumage. These birds that start with M prefer open landscapes and mountainous regions for feeding insects and small fruits. Known for their agile flight, Sialia currucoides dive to catch their prey.

3. Magnolia WarblerBirds That Start with M 3

Scientific Name: Setophaga magnolia

Magnolia Warbler is a small songbird of North America with attractive yellow and black plumage. This creature thrives in coniferous forests and migrates to Central America during winter. It loves to devour insects and berries.

4. Marabou StorkBirds That Start with M 4

Scientific Name: Leptoptilos crumenifer

Endemic to Africa, the Marabou Stork is a large wading bird popular for its bald head and scavenging habits. It often feeds on carrion but can also consume fish and small mammals. This bird has a large wingspan, which can exceed 10 feet, which aids in soaring flight.

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5. Mute SwanBirds That Start with M 5

Scientific Name: Cygnus olor

Mute Swans are European native with a long neck and all-white plumage. These birds that start with M prefer freshwater habitats like lakes and rivers. Although mainly herbivorous, they occasionally consume small aquatic animals. Mute swans are also known for their territorial behavior.

6. Merlin

Birds That Start with M 6

Scientific Name: Falco columbarius

Merlin is a small, robust falcon indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere. This bird of prey is highly agile and quick, feeding on smaller birds and insects. Common in forests and open fields, this beautiful creature is migratory, traveling great distances during winter.

7. Mourning Dove

Birds That Start with M 7

Scientific Name: Zenaida macroura

A frequent sight across North America, the Mourning Dove is recognized by its slender body, brown plumage, and soft, mournful call. This bird is a ground forager that consumes seeds, weeds, cultivated grains, insects, fruits, nuts, acorns, and snails.

8. Montezuma Quail

Birds That Start with M 8

Scientific Name: Cyrtonyx montezumae

Native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, this ground-dwelling bird features a striking patterned plumage. This avian creature prefers woodlands and grasslands for feeding seeds and insects. Montezuma quail is often elusive and hard to spot.

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9. Marsh Wren

Birds That Start with M 9

Scientific Name: Cistothorus palustris

Cistothorus palustris is a small, skulking bird that prefers to inhabit marshy areas in North America. Known for complex, melodic songs, this bird loves to consume insects and aquatic invertebrates. Among the birds that start with M, this creature stands out with its amazing appearance.

10. Manx Shearwater

Birds That Start with M 10

Scientific Name: Puffinus puffinus

Manx Shearwater is a North Atlantic sea bird that spends most of its life at sea, coming ashore for breeding. This bird loves to gobble fish and squid for survival. Known for long-distance migrations, this creature travels thousands of miles annually.

11. Macaroni PenguinBirds That Start with M 11

Scientific Name: Eudyptes chrysolophus

This sub-Antarctic penguin is best known for its eye-catching yellow crest on the head. Macaroni penguins mostly feed on krill and small fish. They are social animals, often found in large colonies, especially during the breeding season.

12. MagpieBirds That Start with M 12

Scientific Name: Pica pica

Indigenous to Europe and Asia, Magpies are intelligent birds recognized for their black and white plumage and long tail feathers. They are omnivorous and have a varied diet, including fruits, insects, and small mammals. Birdwatchers admire magpies for their problem-solving abilities.

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13. Mealy ParrotBirds That Start with M 13

Scientific Name: Amazona farinosa

An inhabitant of Central and South America, Mealy Parrots are large, green avian wonders with a white eye ring. These birds that start with M are social and intelligent, often living in flocks. Their diet consists of fruits, nuts, and seeds. Mealy Parrots have strong vocalization skills and can mimic human speech.

14. Mandarin DuckBirds That Start with M 14

Scientific Name: Aix galericulata

A frequent sight in East Asia, Mandarin ducks are famous for their vibrant, multicolored plumage. These ducks are generally found near rivers and lakes, feeding on aquatic plants, insects, and small fish. They are the symbols of love and fidelity in Asian cultures.

15. Masked LapwingBirds That Start with M 15

Scientific Name: Vanellus miles

Found in Australia and parts of New Zealand and New Guinea, the Masked Lapwing boasts yellow wattle on the forehead. It consumes insects, worms, and small invertebrates in wetlands and grasslands. The species is popular for its bold behavior and piercing calls.

16. Military Macaw

Birds That Start with M 16

Scientific Name: Ara militaris

Native to the forests of Mexico and South America, this large parrot is primarily green with vibrant blue and red feathers on its wings. This social bird is notable for its intelligence and ability to mimic sounds. Its diet includes fruits, nuts, and seeds.

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17. Mountain ChickadeeBirds That Start with M 17

Scientific Name: Poecile gambeli

Resident in the mountainous regions of the western United States, this small bird displays a black cap and beak. Prefers to swallow insects and seeds, this bird is famous for agility, often hanging upside down while foraging. This bird’s vocalizations include a distinctive chickadee call.

18. Mississippi Kite

Birds That Start with M 18

Scientific Name: Ictinia mississippiensis

This bird of prey is endemic to the Americas, with a preference for open areas like plains and grasslands. The Mississippi Kite primarily feeds on insects, small mammals, and occasionally other birds. Known for its graceful flight, this creature often soars at high altitudes, searching for prey.

19. Mottled Owl

Birds That Start with M 19

Scientific Name: Ciccaba virgata

Featuring a mottled brown and white appearance, Ciccaba virgata is native to Central and South America. This nocturnal bird thrives in woodland environments for small mammals, birds, and insects. Its haunting calls are often heard during the night.

20. Magellanic PenguinBirds That Start with M 20

Scientific Name: Spheniscus magellanicus

Indigenous to South America, this medium-sized penguin features a black back and white belly. With a preference for fish and squid, this penguin often forms large colonies. It’s known for its loud vocalizations, ranging from brays to whistles.

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21. Muscovy DuckBirds That Start with M 21

Scientific Name: Cairina moschata

A resident of Central and South America, the Muscovy Duck is now found worldwide. It has unique facial features and black-and-white plumage. This duck is omnivorous, feeding on a mix of aquatic plants, small fish, and insects.

22. Mountain PloverBirds That Start with M 22

Scientific Name: Charadrius montanus

Featuring brown and white plumage, this North American bird is a frequent sight in shortgrass prairies and other open habitats. The Mountain Plover feeds on insects and their larvae.

23. Marbled MurreletBirds That Start with M 23

Scientific Name: Brachyramphus marmoratus

Endemic to the North Pacific, Marbled Murrelets thrive on small fish and zooplankton. These small birds that start with M make nests in old-growth forests rather than on cliffs like other seabirds. They are currently listed as a threatened species in the United States.

24. Mexican Jay

Birds That Start with M 24

Scientific Name: Aphelocoma wollweberi

Aphelocoma wollweberi is a medium-sized bird common in the mountainous regions of Mexico and the southwestern United States. This bird is prized for its intelligence and social behavior. Mexican Jays love to munch on fruits, nuts, and insects.

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25. Madagascar Buzzard

Birds That Start with M 25

Scientific Name: Buteo brachypterus

With its broad wings and strong nails, Buteo brachypterus is well-adapted to forest habitat. This Madagascar bird of prey hunts small mammals, reptiles, and insects. It’s a solitary hunter, often seen soaring high in search of prey.

26. Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeet

Scientific Name: Myiopsitta monachus

Originating from South America, the Monk Parakeet is easily recognizable by its lime green, whitish, and blue plumage. This beautiful avian creature with a highly social nature is successfully adapted to urban environments worldwide.

27. Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush

Scientific Name: Turdus viscivorus

This European species sports an eye-catching speckled belly and gray-brown plumage. It feeds on berries, insects, and earthworms. Among the Birds that start with M, Mistle Thrush is a solitary avian wonder with mesmerizing appearance.

28. Mountain QuailMountain Quail

Scientific Name: Oreortyx pictus

A resident of the western United States, this ground-dwelling bird prefers mountainous terrains and dense forests. With its plump body and unique head plume, the Mountain Quail is a sight to behold. It’s diet consists of seeds, leaves, and small insects.

29. Masked Booby

Masked Booby

Scientific Name: Sula dactylatra

Sula dactylatra, or Masked Booby, is a large seabird with black and white plumage. It feeds on fish and squid, diving from great heights to catch the prey. This bird is an exceptional flier that travels long distances.

30. Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Scientific Name: Fregata magnificens

Fregata magnificent is a large seabird, recognized by a deeply forked tail, elongated wings, and an inflatable red pouch on the throat. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, the Man-o’-War Bird feeds by snatching fish from the ocean’s surface.

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31. Malabar TrogonMalabar Trogon

Scientific Name: Harpactes fasciatus

Indigenous to the forests of India and Sri Lanka, Malabar Trogons are adored by birdwatchers for their strikingly vivid colors. The males boast a combination of blue, black, and crimson. These birds that start with M are frugivorous but will also eat insects. They are elusive and difficult to spot in their natural habitats.

32. Malleefowl


Scientific Name: Leipoa ocellata

Malleefowl is a ground-dwelling bird notable for its mound-nesting behavior. This bird blends well into the native environment with its camouflaged plumage. It feeds primarily on seeds, fruits, and small invertebrates.

33. Melodious Warbler

Melodious Warbler

Scientific Name: Hippolais polyglotta

Found mainly in Europe and western Asia, the Melodious Warbler is a small bird with an olive-green body and peculiar crown. This attractive avian creature loves to consume insects and mimics other birds.

34. Marsh TitMarsh Tit

Scientific Name: Poecile palustris

Poecile palustris, native to Europe and western Asia, prefers woodland habitats. This bird has a black cap, contrasting with their pale underparts. Primarily insectivorous, it also consumes seeds and fruits. Despite the name, this bird is not associated with marshlands.

35. Magpie Goose

Magpie Goose

Scientific Name: Anseranas semipalmata

The Magpie goose, also known as pied goose or semipalmated goose, is endemic to Australia and New Guinea. This waterfowl species features black-and-white plumage with long legs and a dome atop the head. The Magpie Goose inhabits wetlands and floodplains.

36. MallardMallard

Scientific Name: Anas platyrhynchos

The Mallard is a dabbling duck with vibrant plumage. Males feature an iridescent green head, yellow bill, chestnut breast, and a gray body. Whereas females are more subdued in brown. This bird is common in wetlands, marshes, and ponds worldwide.

37. Maui ParrotbillMaui Parrotbill

Scientific Name: Pseudonestor xanthophrys

Native to Hawaii, the Maui Parrotbill is a critically endangered bird characterized by a stout bill. It devours insects and larvae by tearing apart tree stems. Due to habitat loss, its population is dwindling.

38. Madagascar Fish-EagleMadagascar Fish-Eagle

Scientific Name: Haliaeetus vociferoides

A critically endangered creature of Madagascar, this fish-eagle displays white-head plumage and a yellow beak. Haliaeetus vociferoides inhabit the lakes and rivers of Madagascar. This bird is popular for its strong flight and keen eyesight.

39. Mountain CaracaraMountain Caracara

Scientific Name: Phalcoboenus megalopterus

A resident of the Andes Mountains, the Mountain Caracara is a bird of prey with a black upperpart and white belly. It survives by eating carrion and small mammals. This bird often functions in family groups to secure food and defend territory.

40. Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Scientific Name: Circus aeruginosus

Circus aeruginosus is a raptor found across Europe and Asia. It features brown plumage and yellow legs. Primarily feeding on birds and mammals, it often hovers over marshes and wetlands, searching for prey.

41. Magpie-lark


Scientific Name: Grallina cyanoleuca

The Australian native Magpie-lark is a medium-sized avian creature with black and white plumage. Known for its mud nests, this bird feeds on insects and displays cooperative breeding behavior.

42. Malachite KingfisherMalachite Kingfisher

Scientific Name: Corythornis cristatus

This small African kingfisher has striking blue and orange plumage with a reddish-orange beak. Found near water bodies, its diet consists of small fish and insects. Its sharp bill makes this bird an excellent hunter.

43. MeadowlarkMeadowlark

Scientific Name: Sturnella

Popular songbirds of North America, Meadowlarks, are prized for their yellow breasts and melodious songs. They inhabit grasslands and open fields where they feed on insects and seeds.

44. Mottled OwlMottled Owl

Scientific Name: Strix virgata

A common sight in Central and South America, the Mottled Owl features a unique pattern of dark brown and light spots. This nocturnal bird prefers dense forests and is known for its distinctive hoots.

45. Magellanic WoodpeckerMagellanic Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Campephilus magellanicus

Magellanic Woodpecker is a large woodpecker species of South America. Primarily found in the Patagonian forests, this woodpecker has a striking red crown and a black body. It’s a notable addition to this list of birds that start with M.

46. ManakinManakin

Scientific Name: Pipridae

The Pipridae family, commonly known as Manakins, includes small, colorful birds of the American tropics. These creatures are renowned for their intricate mating rituals, which include complex dances and vocalizations. Males are usually more vibrant in color compared to the subdued hues of females.

47. Montagu’s HarrierMontagu's Harrier

Scientific Name: Circus Pygargus

Named after the British naturalist George Montagu, this slender harrier is native to Europe and Asia. It has gray plumage and hunts small mammals and birds in open country. They are migratory and travel to Africa during the winter.

48. Moluccan King ParrotMoluccan King Parrot

Scientific Name: Alisterus amboinensis

An inhabitant of Indonesia, Moluccan King Parrots features vibrant red, blue, and green plumage. They are mostly found in forests and wooded habitats, feeding on fruits and seeds. These birds are seen in pairs or small groups.

49. MousebirdMousebird

Scientific Name: Coliidae

Mousebirds are small, long-tailed birds of sub-Saharan Africa. With soft, gray, or brown plumage, Coliidae eats fruits and berries. These social birds are often seen hanging upside-down while feeding.

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