35 Impressive Birds with White Stripes on Wings

Explore the fascinating world of Birds with White Stripes on Wings. Find out where they live, what they eat, and more in this guide!

Mother nature is full of beautiful bird species with unique patterns and colors. Among them, Birds with White Stripes on Wings stands out with their eye-grabbing appearance. Scroll this article to learn more about this avian wonders.

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Birds with White Stripes on Wings

1. Eastern KingbirdBirds with White Stripes on Wings 1

Scientific Name: Tyrannus tyrannus

The Eastern Kingbird, scientifically known as Tyrannus tyrannus, is a medium-sized bird featuring black plumage with white stripes. This agile flyer is a common sight in open fields and near water bodies.

2. White Winged Crossbill

Scientific Name: Loxia leucoptera

The white-winged crossbill is a lovely finch with black and white wings. This avian wonder is often found in northern regions of North America to feed on conifer seeds. It can survive in harsh winter conditions.

3. Black-Billed MagpieBirds with White Stripes on Wings 37

Scientific Name: Pica hudsonia

Pica Hudsonia, a visually striking bird, showcases black and white wings and a blue-green tail. This omnivorous magpie loves to consume insects, small mammals, fruits, and even human food scraps.

4. Lesser Whitethroat

Scientific Name: Sylvia curruca

The lesser whitethroat, Sylvia curruca, is a migratory songbird with white stripes on the brownish plumage. This creature is often spotted by bird watchers in parts of Europe and Asia. Lesser whitethroat is famous for its melodious calls during the breeding season.

5. Black Tern

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 5

Scientific Name: Chlidonias niger

The black tern is a striking bird with contrasting black plumage and distinctive white wing patches. This skilled aerial hunter roam in wetland habitats across North America in search of food.

6. Black-Capped Chickadee

Scientific Name: Poecile atricapillus

Poecile atricapillus is a small charismatic bird with prominent white stripes on its wings. This beautiful bird is a common sight in North American woodlands and backyards. It feeds on seeds, insects, and berries.

7. Northern WheatearBirds with White Stripes on Wings 7

Scientific Name: Oenanthe oenanthe

The Northern Wheatear is a migratory songbird known for its striking white rump and wing patches. These birds breed in Arctic regions and migrate to various parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Northern Wheatears favor open landscapes and rocky terrain.

8. Eurasian Magpie

Scientific Name: Pica pica

Native to Europe and Asia, Pica pica is a beautiful bird with black and white plumage. This omnivorous creature feasts on various insects, small mammals, and fruits. Eurasian magpie is known for its inquisitive nature and complex social structures.

9. Eurasian Bullfinch

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 9

Scientific Name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula

The Eurasian Bullfinch, known as Pyrrhula pyrrhula, is a colorful bird with white stripes on black plumage. This stunning finch species inhabits woodlands and gardens across Europe and Asia.

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10. White-Tailed Ptarmigan


Scientific Name: Lagopus leucura

Lagopus leucura is common in North America, particularly in high mountain ranges. This avian creature displays white patches on mottled brown wings. Its diet consists of vegetation and insects.

11. White-throated Sparrow

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 11

Scientific Name: Zonotrichia albicollis

The white-throated sparrow is a beautiful bird featuring brown wings with dark streaks and white wing bars. This sparrow is commonly found in North American woodlands and shrubby areas.

12. Blue-winged Warbler

Scientific Name: Vermivora cyanoptera

The blue-winged warbler is a small songbird with yellow, gray, and white-hued wings. This warbler is native to North America and prefers shrubby habitats near wetlands. Its showy plumage and cheerful songs make it popular among birdwatchers.

13. White-browed Scrub Robin

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 13

Scientific Name: Cercotrichas leucophrys

Endemic to Africa, Cercotrichas leucophrys is famous for its white wing bars on the plumage. This insectivorous species inhabits savannas and scrublands. It’s skilled at catching prey on the ground.

14. American Kestrel

Scientific Name: Falco sparverius

The American kestrel is a small raptor with distinctive black, grey, and white wing markings. This stunning kestrel is widespread across North and South America. Falco sparverius is known for its hovering flight during hunting.

15. Cedar WaxwingBirds with White Stripes on Wings 15

Scientific Name: Bombycilla cedrorum

Featuring red and white stripes on black wings, the cedar waxwing is a sight to behold. This bird species is found in woodlands and orchards in North America. It has a frugivorous diet that includes berries and fruits.

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16. White-winged Widowbird

Scientific Name: Euplectes albonotatus

The white-winged widowbird is a striking African bird with white spots on black wings. This creature inhabits grasslands and wetlands in Africa. Euplectes albonotatus is popular for its courtship displays.

17. Magpie LarkBirds with White Stripes on Wings 17

Scientific Name: Grallina cyanoleuca

The Magpie Lark, or Grallina cyanoleuca, is a beautiful Australian bird with bold black and white plumage. It’s frequently seen near water bodies and open landscapes in Australia. Magpie larks like to devour insects and aquatic invertebrates.

18. White-winged Triller


Scientific Name: Lalage tricolor

The white-winged triller is a small and agile Australian avian creature with white patches on black wings. Among the birds with white stripes on wings, this creature is known for its striking appearance and musical calls.

19. WilletBirds with White Stripes on Wings 19

Scientific Name:  Tringa semipalmata

Adorned with white stripes on Tringa semipalmata is a shorebird with white bands on wings. It feeds on small invertebrates found in mudflats and shallow water. This bird is admired for its distinctive piercing calls and long-distance migrations.

20. Bullock’s OrioleBirds with White Stripes on Wings 39

Scientific Name: Icterus bullockii

Bullock’s oriole is a striking bird highlighted by a vibrant orange and black body with white wing patches. This oriole is a resident of woodlands and riparian areas. It’s famous for its intricate hanging nests.

21. Williamson’s Sapsuckers

Scientific Name:  Sphyrapicus thyroideus

Williamson’s Sapsucker is a woodpecker species with eye-grabbing yellow, black, and white plumage. It prefers to thrive in coniferous forests of western North America. This sapsucker feeds on tree sap and insects.

22. Steller’s Sea EagleBirds with White Stripes on Wings 43

Scientific Name: Haliaeetus pelagicus

A magnificent raptor, Haliaeetus pelagicus, boasts a yellow bill, dark brown to black plumage with white feathers on wings. This eagle is a resident of coastal areas of Russia and parts of Asia. It’s adored for the aerial displays during the breeding season.

23. Pied FlycatcherBirds with White Stripes on Wings 23

Scientific Name: Ficedula hypoleuca

A stunning black bird with white wing patches, the pied flycatcher breeds in the woodlands and gardens of Europe. This flying creature devours insects for survival. Its fascinating appearance and cheerful songs make it a well-known bird among bird enthusiasts.

24. White-Winged Dove


Scientific Name: Zenaida asiatica

Zenaida asiatica is a medium-sized American native bird with brownish-gray to gray plumage and prominent white stripes on wings. This dove thrives in desert, woodland, and urban areas.

25. American AvocetBirds with White Stripes on Wings 25

Scientific Name: Recurvirostra americana

The American Avocet is an elegant wader that displays showy black wings with white stripes and a long curved bill. This avocet sweeps its unique bills through the water to capture small invertebrates.

26. European Goldfinch

Scientific Name: Carduelis carduelis

European Goldfinch is a colorful and charming bird with white and yellow wing markings. It thrives in woodlands, gardens, and open country across Europe. This avian wonder often gets attracted to gardens for nectar-rich flowers.

27. Black-and-white Warbler


Scientific Name: Mniotilta varia

Boasting striking black and white stripes, this warbler is a small and agile songbird that forages on tree trunks and branches. This lovely avian creature attracts attention with its striking appearance.

28. Northern Mockingbird

Scientific Name: Mimus polyglottos

Mimus polyglottos is a Noth American songbird with white patches on the gray-brown wings and tail. It also features a tiny black bill and long-sized legs. This bird is famous for its ability to mimic the songs of other birds.

29. Belted Kingfisher

Scientific Name: Megaceryle alcyon

The belted kingfisher, or Megaceryle alcyon, is a beautiful bird with white wing patches, a black head, and a long beak. This kingfisher variety is skilled in diving into the water to catch fish.

30. Eurasian Jay

Scientific Name: Garrulus glandarius

Featuring white stripes on the multicolored wings, this species inhabits woodlands and forests in Europe and Asia. Eurasian jay has a diverse diet, including acorns, insects, and small mammals.

31. Painted Redstart

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 31

Scientific Name: Myioborus pictus

The Painted Redstart, known as Myioborus pictus, is a colorful songbird with white wing patches and an orange chest. This bird is a frequent sight in the mountainous region of North and Central America.

32. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Scientific Name:  Pheucticus ludovicianus

Breeds in North America, the rose-breasted grosbeak showcases white stripes on black-hued wings and a showy, rosy-red breast. It prefers to live in woodlands and gardens for seeds and insects.

33. White-Headed Woodpecker

Birds with White Stripes on Wings 33

Scientific Name: Dryobates albolarvatus

Dryobates albolarvatus is a unique woodpecker species that boasts white patches on black wings and a white head with a red crest. This creature inhabits coniferous forests in western North America.

34. Loggerhead Shrike

Scientific Name: Lanius ludovicianus

The Loggerhead Shrike is a North American raptor with white wing patches and a dark beak. This shrike is famous for its unique hunting behavior, impaling insects and small prey on thorns or barbed wire.

35. Lark BuntingsBirds with White Stripes on Wings 35

Scientific Name: Calamospiza melanocorys

The lark bunting, Calamospiza melanocorys, is a fascinating songbird with white and black wings. Native to North America, this bunting inhabits open grasslands. This species displays amazing aerial acrobatics.

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