7 Breathtaking Blue Daisies Varieties

Here are the most stunning types of Blue Daisies that will surely add a touch of royal hue to the landscape!

Blue Daisies with their vibrant blooms are a stunning addition to any indoor and outdoor space. If you want to know more about these botanical gems, read this article till the end.

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Blue Daisies

1. Blue Marguerite DaisyBlue Daisies 1

Botanical Name: Felicia amelloides

Blue Marguerite Daisy‘ is a South African native with striking blue blooms and dark green foliage. This botanical specimen is great for borders, cut flower arrangements, containers, green walls, and rock gardens.

2. Swan River Daisy

Botanical Name: Brachyscome iberidifolia

Brachyscome iberidifolia is prized for its feathery foliage and fragrant blue blooms with yellow or black disks. This Australian native grows abundantly in open woodlands and grasslands.

3. Michaelmas DaisyBlue Daisies 3

Botanical Name: Aster amellus

Featuring showy lavender-blue to purplish blossoms with a yellow disc, the Michaelmas daisy is a sight to behold. This spring bloomer enjoys well-drained, alkaline soil and full sunlight exposure.

4. Blue Felicia Daisy

Botanical Name: Agathea coelestis

Agatha coelestis, also known as Blue Felicia Daisy, is a stunning perennial plant of the Asteraceae family in South Africa. Its beautiful blooms display blue ray florets and yellow centers in spring.

5. Cupid’s DartBlue Daisies 5

Botanical Name: Catananche caerulea

Cupid’s dart showcases violet-centered, lavender-blue blossoms from July to September. The long, slender stems make them an ideal candidate for cut flower arrangements.

6. Showy Daisy

Botanical Name: Erigeron speciosus

A member of the daisy family, Erigeron speciosus boasts blue-lavender, daisy-like blossoms with a bright yellow center. Its flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

7. Sky Blue AsterBlue Daisies Varieties 7

Botanical Name: Symphyotrichum oolentangiense (formerly known as Aster Azureus)

Indigenous to North America, the sky-blue aster produces deep blue to lavender ray blossoms in fall. This beautiful flowering plant can grow up to 24-36 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide.

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